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Fun Facts about February

Originally the calendar began in March and ended in December.  However, January and February were considered winter and no harvest existed so they originially did not appear at all. The Lunar calendar was later to add these two months at the end of the year.  When the Julian calendar was adopted to allow for the amount of time it takes the earth to orbit the sun we have our modern calender using one day extra every four years.

This Month in History

Mary Falter

1913     prizes are given in the Cracker Jack Box
1925     First Sears & Roebuck Store opens
1927     32nd Amendment to the Constitution approved; The Amendment stated that any             person had the right to pray and recognize their religious beliefs and heritage on public             property, including schools.
1849    First female physician in the U.S., Elizebeth Blackwell was awarded her Md in            Geneva, New York.
1971     Alan Shepard was the first man to hit a golf ball on the moon.
1995    Steve Fossett first man to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon.

New Article

Eastland Memorial Hospital  Eastland Memorial Hospital is located at 304 S. Daugherty Ave., in Eastland.  Ted D. Matthews is CEO/Administrator.  The hosiptal has been locally owned and operated since 1952 and offers hospital and healthcare services.  Motto:  "People you Know Caring for People you love."  A fun fact people may not know about Eastland Memorial Hospital:  The hospital that coffee and donuts built.  Telephone:  (254) 631-5342  Website:  www.eastland-memorial.com

Chamber Spotlight

Micoplex Electric  David Stephens is the owner of Micoplex Electric, a business locally owned and operated since 1995.  The business offers electric service work, generator service work and short tower work.  "Shop locally;  Make Eastland great" is the business tradition, says owner Stephens.  He adds: "Our mottor is to follow through; Make it work."  A fact people might not know about this business is that there are two full time locations in Grand Prairie and also in Eastland.  "This week's special...we'll install YOUR ceiling fan for $100.00, or buy the fan from us and the installed price will be only $75.00."  Microplex Electric is located at 216 CR 597.  Telephone:  254-631-9766; Website www.facebook/microplex electric.
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