August 2014

End of Summer Mixer

I would like to organize a Chamber Mixer for the end of summer, are there any members interested in hosting it at their business?  Please let me know.  923-2613

Sidewalk Sales

As part of our ongoing efforts to have a safe and healthy enviroment in our towns, several ideas have been suggested.  One that stands out, is the need to have a stronger presence in town with a positive influence.  A somewhat simple and easy idea that has come my way, is to have scheduled sidewalk sale events or a monthly/weekly day that there are many businesses with sidewalk sales in our towns, Garberville in particular but with some effort Redway and The Avenue businesses could work well also.

I like Saturday personally, but if members have a preference for a different day, that can work also.   If you are interested in having this move forward and would like to participate, please let me know and I will get it organized and advertised.  I could make a page on our website at listing all participants, as well.  
Another thought is that businesses who are not usually open on Saturdays, could offer their sidewalk space to a local organization or non-profit for fundraisinf, information, or performance (local music, art, etc.?).  Maybe restaurants would like to offer a table or two out front for the day?  These are just some ideas about how everyone can participate.  

You can email me at or call the office at 923-2613.

Merchant Guild

The Merchant's Guild is a program sponsored by the GRACOC that has been helping to keep our business district's and surrounding areas in Garberville and Redway clean for many years.  This program relies on the generous pledges of businesses and community members.  Generally each contributor pledges $75 quarterly.  At this time of year, the job is mostly about picking up trash and doing general clean up of the sidewalks.  We would live to be able to do some pressure washing, but we do not feel it to be appropriate with the current drought situation.  Rick may be using the blower more to clean sidewalks until it rains.  Soon the leaves will be dropping off of the trees and keeping them picked up will be the the bulk of his job for a while.  We appreciate Rick's hard work!  Thank you to the all of our contributors!


4th of July Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with and/or contributed to this year's 4th of July Fireworks Show!  It takes a temendous amount of work to get it all together.  Thank you to our local Cal Fire and Battalion Chief Marty Hobbs, Humboldt Fire Marshall, Garberville Fire, Redway Fire, and all their volunteers.  Thank you to our Chamber helpers Linda Brodersen, Chrystine Lachnicht, Karen Miclette, Toni Genero, Damon Siska, Christine Miller, Evan King, and Rick Ruiz.  Thank you to everyone who has donated, large and small, and to all the businesses who hosted our donation cans.  Thank you to the Southern Humboldt Unified School District and their Transportation Department for providing a shuttle bus service.  The communtiy appreciates having such a great event locally each year!  

Humboldt County Restaurant Week

The Humboldt County Restaurant Week ™ organizing committee invites all local restaurants to participate inthe 3rd Annual Humboldt County Restaurant Week (HCRW),September 26 through October 5, 2014.  HCRW is part of the greater Humboldt Local Food Month running during September 2014.
Your part:
     • Offer special prix-fixe menus featuring local food which typically will be between $5 and $30 (not including beverage, tax and service). You choose the level right for your restaurant.
     • Offer the menu during regular business hours from September 26 through October 5.
     • Feature locally grown or raised ingredients on the special menu during HCRW.
You will:
     • Attract new customers from the local area as well as from out of the area.
     • Encourage current customers to dine with you for something new and local.
     • Discover sources of locally produced food and build relationships with farmers.
The package cost of $75 includes:
     • A listing on the HCRW website including your HCRW special menu.
     • Your name on the HCRW poster when you sign up by August 22, 2014.
     • Promotion of HCRW on widely distributed fliers. A supply will be given to you for distribution as well.
     • Promotion of HCRW in TV, Radio, Print and Social Media.
     • Advertising in Newspapers from McKinleyville to Garberville and Redding.
     • A Farmer Directory to help you find sources.
     • Template and HCRW logo to help you create your special menu (use at your option).

Here’s what some participating restaurants are saying about their experience.
“HCRW provided us with a huge amount of exposure to potential customers through the promotional materials. We sawa significant increase in our business with about 70% of our customers ordering the special local menu.”
 Luke Patterson, Luke’s Joint and The Other Place
“Folie Douce participated in HCRW in it’s first two years and we are excited to continue this year. We were booked solid each year with new and returning customers. We were inspired to create new menus featuring local food.”
 Cris Hollen, Folie Douce
How to sign-up:
Register on-line at the HCRW website ( or call us.
The posting includes: Restaurant Name, Address, Telephone, e-mail, Web address, Facebook address, Logo, Special Restaurant Week Menu and business hours.

If you have questions, please contact Ann Anderson at or 707-633-5467.  If you are not interested, please respond to with a “No Thanks” and we will not contact you again this year.

Thank you for supporting our local food system and local economy,
Ann Anderson, Martha Haynes and Edie Jessup 
HCRW 2014 Coordinators

Locally Delicious, Inc.

Supported by the North Coast Growers’ Association, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Local Chambers of Commerce,Main Streets and Business Improvement Districts and you—the participating restaurants and more.

Clean Communities

So much has been happening this summer, especially since the launch of our petition in June.  We had a well attended Town Hall meeting hosted by Supervisor Fennell.  The community had an opportunity to let their concerns be heard.  Since then, a few different groups have popped up on social media that would like to do some Town Patrols.  We had a Problem Oriented Policing unit here for 4 weeks helping to handle some of the communities concerns.  At the Chamber we have been meeting with Undersherifff Honsal and a volunteer for HCSO who coordinates Neighborhood Watch programs in other parts of the county.  We are continuing to push for more Law Enforcement in Southern Humboldt.

Below are 10 ways to be proactive for a safe community.

1.  Motion activated lighting on the front and sides of your business.  There are different types of these, some are hardwired and require an electrician, others are battery operated.  Locally they can be purchased at Redway True Value or Southern Humboldt Builders Ace Hardware.
2.  Hang No Loitering Signs around your business.  It gives law enforcement a reason to move people along.

3.  Clean out any brush or debris around your building.

4.  Have your neighbors' phone numbers and call them if you need help.  
5.  Communicate with your neighbors about a paticular situation/person you are concerned with and work together to watch and report andything necessary.
6.  Sweep your business front when there are people hanging around that you would like to move along, invite your neighbors to join you!
7.  Learn how to properly give a desscription of a person.

8.  Start a Neighborhood or Business Watch group in Garberville and Redway.
Neighborhood Watch: Toolkit Training Presentation from Adam Cohen

Signs for Neighborhood Watch can be purchsed at the Neighborhood Watch Institute

9.  Report abandonded vehicles and those left in deisgnated 2 hour parking spaces to the Sheriff (707) 923-2761 or CHP (707) 923-2155.
 It seems that we have a lot of abondoned vehicles, that are actually stollen, left in Humboldt County.  Stollen vehicles often lead law enforcement to other crimes that they are or will be investigating.
10.  Stollen and abandonded bicycles are also becoming more of an issue in So Hum.  In other cities and parts of the county where there is local government in place, people can register their bicycles so that law enforcemnt can easily notify owners when their missing bike is found.  Their are also online opportunties at the National Bike Registry or Bike Shepherd.  


Member of the Month

Each month we will be highlighting a Chamber Member in an effort to help our membership, community, and visitors get to know each other better.  We will be circulating through our membership month to month and use the information submitted for a newsletter article, a highlight on our webpage, and in postings on our social media.  
To ensure that we get all the pertinent information correct, please take a minute to fill out our Member of the Month form . 

Garberville Area Chamber Newsletter - August 2014