March 2014

Welcome New Members!

A warm welcome to all of our new members since the beginning of 2014!  We are so happy to have you and hope that you enjoy the benefits of membership!

Humboldt Bar & Grill

Alden Akselsen
Join Date: 01/10/2014

B'Nai Ha Aretz
Miriam Billinger
Join Date: 01/16/2014

Community Presbyterian Church of Garberville
Rhonda Harris
Join Date: 01/21/2014

Environmentally Sound Promotions
Darryl Cherney
Join Date: 01/30/2014

The Woodrose Cafe LLC
Doug Bryan
Join Date: 02/20/2014

The Stonery
Julie Thomas
Join Date: 02/25/2014

Vixen Kitchen
Sundara Clark
Join Date: 02/28/2014

Garberville Grass

Spring Arts Collective

2014 Spring Arts Collective - Fine Art & Music Youth Classes

03:30 PM - 06:30 PM P
Mateel Community Center
59 Rusk Lane PO Box 445
Redway, CA 95542
2014 Spring Arts Collective - Fine Art & Music Youth Classes
What: An eight week art and music program (12 classes) for students age 11 to 17!
When: Thursday, February 27th thru Thursday April 24th, 2014 / Tuesdays and Thursdays (with a few skipped days) from 3:30pm to 6:30pm
Where: Mateel Community Center Final Show: Saturday, April 26th (exact date TBA), 2014 at Artists of the Emerald Coast at MCC Cost: Suggested donation of $60, ($5 per class) Register at: Sign up at the Mateel office in Redway with Charity (that's a person). Spring Arts Collective - Moskowitz PaintingSpring Arts Collective, (SPARC) the arts program for youth, embarks on it's 3rd season at the Mateel Community Center on Thursday, February 27th. This year students will be learning the art of mask-making; dye painting on silk; and for the musical arts, the fundamentals of improvisational jazz for beginners. SPARC founder, MCC board member, Cathryn Guillette takes pains to recruit the best of established artists in the artist-dense community of southern Humboldt and this year is no exception.
Club Mateel

Volunteers Needed


We are looking for a few volunteers in the Chamber office.  There are some days when Cinnamon has meetings or is unable to be in the office, primarily some Wednesdays and Fridays.  Our regular volunteers are having to take time off, so in preparation for the upcoming busy season we are looking for a few members we could call in to keep the Visitor's Center open at the Chamber Office.  Responsibilities include answering questions about our area, answering the phone, and talking with people when they stop by.  If you are interested, please stop by or email your information to  

Communication Seminar

Communications Seminar

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM P
Healy Senior Center
456 Briceland Rd. PO Box 445
Garberville / Redway, CA 95542
Communication with Others Life's Most Challenging Problem So Let's Fix It! A seminar discussing communication styles and issues we face in life! Great for business professionals!

Thoughts from the ED

Wow!  I can not believe I have been here 6 months already!  I have learned so much and met with so many people!  Everyday presents a new challenge or question to be answered.  We really do have a great community and I love promoting all the positive things everyone is doing.  

I went to my first county wide chamber director/main street director/t-bid director meeting on Tuesday in Eureka.  It was great to meet others in the county who have the same job as I do and make those connections.  We had speakers representing Humboldt County Restaurant Week  .  They are working on organizing the 3rd annual event, which I would love for us to be a part of!  It will be Sept 26-Oct 5, 2014.  Not only will this benefit our food service members, but I am hoping to fill some hotel rooms and get people shopping as well!  If you would like to participate  fill out the form below and I will get more informatin out as it becomes available.  

I am continuously stocking brochures and information in our office.  If you have cards or fliers representing your businees that you would like me display, simply dro pthem off.  I have ordered a new business card holder for the office, as the one we have only holds 6 sets of cards, and I would love to fill it up!  I am also sending brochures and Visitor's Guides out to other Chambers and Visitors Bureaus that request them.  

If you have anything to add to our newsletters, please email it to me

Have a great day!

Multi Chamber Mixer

Multi County Chamber Mixer
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM P
Benbow Inn
445 Lake Benbow Drive PO Box 445
Garberville, CA 95542
The Benbow Historic Inn is hosting another multi-county chamber of commerce mixer on March 7 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. All county chamber members are invited including Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, Shasta, Mendocino, and Sonoma chamber members. This a great way to network with our local AND surrounding area Chamber members.  Be sure to bring your business cards to hand out and a raffle prize if you would like!  See you there!


Dazey's Motorsports has a new manager! Welcome!

Dazey’s Motorsports Yamaha on Sprowel Creek Rd. is under new management.  Dazey’s Motorsports and Dazey’s Supply would like to welcome Jeremy Kanter.  Jeremy was recruited from Harley Davidson in Colorado. He has been in the motorcycle business for 23 years and is known for bringing money back into the local community and hiring and supporting local families.  In the past he has directed thrilling motorsports events that help to stimulate the local economy.  Planning is currently underway to bring some exciting new events to Garberville within the next few months.  Dazey’s Supply/Motorsports has found a diamond and is thrilled to bring Jeremy on as the shop manager.  He is a working man, who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.  Jeremy brings with him his wife Kay and 2 young children.  “Our family loves Humboldt County.  We will raise our children here for generations to come.” Kanter says.  Jeremy moved his family from across the country and is completely committed to make Dazey’s Motorsports a successful thriving business. 
Dazey’s Motorsports has undergone an entire facelift in all departments.  “We are focusing especially on our service department. We understand the importance of getting repairs completed quickly and professionally. We have had some challenges in the past, but are more committed than ever to give excellent customer service and quality products and repairs.” When you come into the Dazey’s Motorsports you will find a new fresh look.   Come on into the store and introduce yourself.  We have focused on bringing in fresh new inventory and you might be surprised to know we have all of the latest fashions.  We not only service motorcycles, but quads and generators, too.  We can order custom parts and motorcycle gear for you. We are working hard on handling our customer’s needs immediately.  We plan on communicating regularly with the Chamber of Commerce, to circulate our information with the community.  Thanks for “keeping it local” and letting us help you will all of your generator and motorsports needs. 

Facebook Offers

Many of you are on Facebook or other types of social media.  I wanted to share with you some success that one of our members, King Range Books, has had recently with offereing promotions and sales on Facebook.  Owner Evan, not only posts regularly about his inventory and new items, but also uses "offers" through his FB page that anyone can use.  Such as "3 DVD for $10 Offer" and many others.  It is easy to do!  Where you normally begin a new post on your page (not on "home" or "newsfeed") click on the offer and create your own ad!  If you need assistance, we can help you out!

The Inside Scoop on Coffee Prices

I came across this on Facebook today and just wanted to share the information with our membership.  It is great to have local insight on a commodity that so many of us take part in!  Clickin gon their name below will take you to their Facebook page or visit
COFFEE PRICES SOAR: The coffee market is the most volatile market traded, and it doesn't always make sense. Yes, there is a potential drought in Brazil, the world's largest coffee supplier - but even if this resulted in a 10% reduced crop - the market price increase has already covered this shortage. What happens now is that market traders and speculators that have no clue as to anything coffee will be playing the market and driving prices higher. Hopefully the market will correct itself sooner rather than later. Signature Coffee hopes to ride this one out without raising our prices...


Merchant's Guild


We are happy to announce that we have filled the MG Maintenance Supervisor postion!  Rick Ruiz will begin working with us next week.  He is a longtime local and comes highly recommended.  Rick brings some great skills, experience, and energy to the job!  Thank you to all who contribute to the Merchant Guild!

Tree Trimming

A big thank you to Rotary and Soroptimist for getting the trees in Garberville trimmed and cleaned up!  

Recycling In Town


For the past few months our recycling in town has been collected and dealt with by local resident Robert and his daughter Maria.  They are doing an excellent job!  They regularly go through and collect the recycleables out of the cans, wash the cans if needed, and do any maintenance on them.  They are doing this as a free service to the community.  Their benefits come from turning in what they get at the recycling center.  Although the amount of trash in the recycling bins is getting better they would like to remind everyone to please keep it separated.  If you would like them to pick up your recycling please call (707)499-5676

Southern Humboldt little League

Displaying Little League Logo 06-23-10.jpg
Southern Humboldt Little League is gearing up for their 2014 season.  This year they will have teams in 4 divisions- Majors, Player Pitch Minors, Machine Pitch Minors, and Tee Ball.  This program relies on the support of the community as well as the players and their families.  If you would like to be a SHLL sponsor and have your banner proudly displayed on the fence, please fill out this form and we will send it to them!  Sponsorship is $200 the first season to cover the cost of a banner and $125 per season after that. SHLL offers a great way to advertise AND support our local community!  Visit SHLL at for more information.


SOS St Patrick's Day Dinner

SOS St Patricks Day Dinner


Please come support SOS and come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a great meal and some fabulous entertainment!

Menu: Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots, Potatoes and a Roll

$8.00 Seniors 65 and older and children 10 and under
$12.00 Adults

There will be waters, sodas and juice for sale.

Performances throughout the dinner (to be announced).

In addition, there will be a bake sale to support Hannah Crenshaw for Rodeo Queen.

All proceeds benefit SOS which supports art, music, and so much more for the schools of Southern Humboldt!

Southern Humboldt Restaurant Week

Use this form to sign up to participate in Humboldt County Restaurant Week this coming fall.  Youwill receive more information as I get it.
Garberville Area Chamber Newsletter - March 2014