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The November 3 rd 2016 Fall Business Mixer at the Phoenicia Diner was a Success!

    Businesses and community leaders from throughout the central Catskills region gathered Thursday night, Nov. 3 at the Phoenicia Diner located along Rte 28, for the 2016 Fall Business Mixer sponsored by the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce and the Belleayre Music Festival.
    Attendance was high at 65 individuals who represented our diverse business community from Main Street business groups including the Greater Roxbury Business Association, Fleischmanns Association of Business and the Business Association of Margaretville, the Town of Shandaken and hamlet of Phoenicia and Arkville. Hosted by Mike Cioffi and his staff at the Phoenicia Diner and supported in part by MTC of Margaretville and WiOX Community Radio in Roxbury helped to make the evening gathering a success.
    Speakers included Jeff Senterman, the executive director of the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development who spoke of recent state funding through the support of Senator James Seward and others that will provide for the implentation of a Catskill region-wide recreation study to create connections between Catskill Main Streets and the surrounding Catskill Park lands. The funding will also allow for two mountain biking plans to be developed and a number of parking lot and trail access improvements across the Catskill region. Also discussed was the capital improvements scheduled at the Catskill Interpretive Center that includes the installation of a fire tower and a ranger’s cabin as interpretive tools to teach the public about the Catskill Parks history and NYS DEC history.
    Garrett Burris, the operations director for the Belleayre Music Festival reported on the success of the 2016 Summer concert series in its new location at the Discovery Lodge. Attendance was great and the musical offerings were outstanding. Garrett spoke about the beginning plans for next year and thanked the business community for being so supportive of this effort.
    Carol O’Beirne, the executive director of the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce and the administrator for the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway gave a report on the byway Marketing Strategy efforts. The website: is live, 2016 advertising included printed ads in both the Delaware and Ulster Tourism Guides, the Guide Magazine and the Watershed Post Outdoor Recreation Guide. A new byway brochure is in the works. A very active facebook page regularly reaches a growing friend base with details about what is current and happening along the byway. The 6 Signature Events for 2016 have been completed: Fleischmanns Maple Festival and 5K Sap Run in early April, Town of Middletown’s Headwater History Days in June, Andes Community Days in early August, Shandaken Day in late August, Olive Community Day in early September and the Margaretville Cauliflower Festival in late September. Well attended these events were expanded through the NYS Market NY grant and were celebrations of each communities cultural heritage giving visitors a flavor of the what is great about each community.
     Rick Remsnyder, Ulster County's Tourism Director and Lisa Wisely, Delaware County Tourism and Marketing Director shared additional details about the I Love NY website marketing opportunities to promote local events and activities that help to drive increased traffic to our region. Brett Barry of SilverHollowAudio reported on progress for the next two driving tours that he has created for the byway. Visit to listen to the first tour.
    Carol spoke about the value of collaboration and partnerships and described the successful efforts achieved by the byway towns and villages because of the commitment made to work together to achieve the common goal of establishing the Route 28 corridor as a byway. One of the benefits of this collaborations is the approval by the NYS DOT of the installation of 52 byway roadway directional signs and two prominent Welcome to the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway at the gateways – one in Olive along Rte 28 and one in Andes along Rte 28 that planned to be completed over the next months. Efforts to finally install a directional sign at the intersection of Rte 28 where Belleayre Mt traffic stops to make a left or right turn is planned for this season. The sign will list each of the hamlets or villages going east or west with mileage.
    Everyone shared news and upcoming activities and new business ventures. Meeting and Greeting, making connections and networking are goals of any Mixer and everyone contributed to the evenings program.

    The next gathering will be in January for the 2017 Winter Business Mixer.
For additional information contact: Carol O’Beirne at

Flood Relief for Home and Business Owners in the Village of Margaretville and Towns of Shandaken and Olive

The Governor announced on April 26, 2013, that he has set aside $3 million in funding for the Village of Margaretville and towns of Shandaken and Olive. You may be eligible for assistance to pay for unmet needs as a result of Hurricane Irene. Please see the following website for more information:

Note: link says Sandy but it is for Irene and Lee also. Keep in touch for all local emergency news for the Town of Middletown at:

In April of 2014, the Village of Margaretville won an additional $3 million in a challenge grant for Best in Community Involvement so will have $6 million to work on implementing its approved priority projects.

The Enhanced Recreational Access to the East Branch of the Delaware Stream Cooridor initiative has created the business survey below to seek you input on issues that will help to shape the final outcome of this valuable project. Funded by the NYCDEP through the Stream Management Program administered by the Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District this project is looking a the East Branch from its headwaters in Grand Gorge through the towns of Roxbury, Middletown and Andes and villages of Fleischmanns and Margaretville. Tributaries which feed into the East Branch are part of the access plan.

You may print this out and return by mail to: CCCC, POBox 605, Margaretville, NY 12455 or go to: where you will find the online link to the survery. Thank you.

Business Survey for opportunities to increase East Branch Enhanced Recreational Access
And NYC/Catskill Reservoirs for Non-Motorized Boating and Fishing
Summer 2012
Project Goal: To create and then implement a comprehensive plan to increase public access to the East Branch of the Delaware Stream Corridor and its tributaries in the Towns of Roxbury, Andes, Middletown including the Villages of Margaretville and Fleischmanns. This survey will collect details of public and business interests in gaining access, amenities needed such as rest rooms and most efficient ways to communicate details including maps, website, signage and events. What types of resources would be important? What types of services are needed?
1.       Identify your business type:
   Recreation-based business: outfitter, licensed guide
   Retail based on outdoor recreation: outfitter, ski shop, bike or boat rentals
   Restaurant: café, full-service w/bar, pizza
   Take-out food: packaged meals, snacks
   Liquor Store
   Real Estate
   Destination Resort
   Camp Grounds
   Lodging: B&B, Motel, Camp for RV, Hostel
   Lodging: full-service with meals, activities
   Service: Gas, Convenience Store
   Retail: Misc.
   Professional: Insurance, Banking, Utilities
   Non-Profit: Regional
2.       Town/Village
   Grand Gorge
   Kelly Corners
   New Kingston
3.       Business is Open
   Retirement Business
   Seasonal Business
o   Summer
o   Winter
   Single Operator
   1-3 Employees
   4-6 Employees
   Over 7 Employees
4.       Customers?
o   Summer
o   Winter
o   Recreation Related
o   Weddings
o   Family/Friend Visits
o   Event Based
5.       Do you have a marketing and advertising budget?
6.       If yes, approximately how much do you spend on marketing and advertising annually?
   $100 - $500
   $501 - $1,000
   More than $1,000
7.       Who is your target market for advertising?
   Age Specific
   Full time Resident
   Part time Resident
   Outdoors Market
8.       Where do you spend your advertising budget?
   Print Ads Locally
   Word of Mouth
   Group Advertising
   Direct Mail Campaigns
   Social Media
   Mobile Users
9.       Do you have time to get to know your customers?
10.   If so, has it made a difference in what you offer your customers or changed your business in anyway?
11.   Are your customers interested in recreational activities?
12.   What recreational activities are they interested in?
   Kayaking on East Branch Stream
   Kayaking on the reservoirs
   Canoeing on East Branch Stream
   Canoeing on the reservoirs
   Bird Watching
   Public Swimming Pools
   Ponds and Swimming Holes
   Star Gazing
   Planned events
   Scheduled Weekend of Events
   Scheduled Weekend including lodging and food
   Guided Activities
   Family Events
13.   What do you think, as a business in the area, is the biggest stumbling block to expanding access for improved outdoor recreation options?
   Marketing/Advertising to potential tourists
   Easily found printed material such as maps, brochures
   Websites related to recreational access
   Cell-phone connections
   Lodging and Restaurants
   Amenities: Public Bathrooms
   Outfitters: rentals and equipment sales
   Condition of Roadways
   Lack of Informational Kiosks
   Other: __________________________________________________________________________
14.   Would you participate in discounted promotional campaign to draw customers to your business that are traveling for recreation in the Catskills?
15.   Would you collaborate with other businesses to create a package deal or coupon booklet for outdoor recreation such as lodging, guided services, rentals and meals?
16.   Would you be willing and able to offer mid-week specials to increase revenue?
17.   Would you offer a seasonal deal such as buy one at regular price, get the next two/three at discount?
18.   Give us your top three requests that would help your business grow and benefit from the outdoor recreational access opportunities in and around your town or village along the East Branch Stream corridor.
b. __________________________________________________________________________________
c. ___________________________________________________________________________________