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2015 Eastern States Cup Finals
Plattekill Course Overview

            This year’s finals track for the 2015 ESC Championship is a brand new, never before used course on the double chair side of the mountain.  With some old favorites and some brand new fresh cut sections, this course is an excellent place to test your skills. Designed by racers for racers, the new Plattekill Bike Park Getloose team,  has spent many long hours scouting, taping, cutting and cleaning the course to get it just right. Like all race courses at Plattekill, this year’s finals course is guaranteed to please with fast, steep, and loose terrain. The Getloose team made sure to tape most of this course very wide, leaving lots of opportunity for rider’s line choice to impact their results.

            The track starts directly in back of the double lift on some very familiar terrain with Trail #3 Westfall to Evil Twin. The first section is a winding flowy and tight section where riders will have to navigate their way through trees, twin berms, and a few natural rock drops. Once the riders exit the first woods section they will have a short cat track ride that leads into a tight right hander back into the woods. This will be the first opportunity for a go around.  Beginner riders will descend into the next section and weave their way through some tight turns, while the pro line will lead riders up a freshly re-built Scottsmans bridge and off a large natural rock drop that will provide more than enough speed for the next section.

            Now the course starts to get much wider and much faster, as they enter our newly named Garage Sale section. Line choice here will be critical, with some large rocks and uneven terrain, speed will be directly affected by how smooth your line is. A large and very uneven rock drop will set riders up for a long and fast decent that crosses the fire road, (Fun Run #1),  and enters into a brand new, freshly cut section of woods we’re calling “Gnarville”.

            Gnarville is not your normal rock garden or chute. This section is fast and has an abundance of line choices. The center of this section has some very difficult ledge rocks that make for a challenging line. Both outside lines may look to be easier choices, but both come with their own challenges, like trees and sharp turns to contend with. The go-around for Gnarville is an easier route, but is still guaranteed to challenge and excite the beginner riders. As with all areas of the course, the trail builders highly recommend stopping and checking out Gnarville before riding it.

            As riders exit Gnarville, they will have just a short time to catch their breath as they traverse the short fire road at Tribute and head back into the woods via a large wooden bridge to rock drop (Dreadnaught). The go around will be an easy but much slower alternative. After a short and technical woods ride, the course will cross the Overlook ski trail, and head into a very fast and flowy section (Lower Fun Run), that will allow riders to turn up the heat as they approach the bottom. A few more technical sections will greet riders as they make the last turn onto the ski trail and pedal their way to the bottom and sail some large jumps and fly through the finish. This finish will be the same as the end of the ESC Enduro earlier this year, but with some new jumps added to it.

            This year’s Finals course is going to be a fun track that was designed to test your riding and line picking skills. We hope to see you all at the 2015 ESC Finals at Plattekill Bike Park on October 10th and 11th.

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About Plattekill Mountain Bike Park

Plattekill Mountain Bike Park is located in the Northwestern Catskill Mountains of New York State, one hour west of Kingston NY, off the NYS Thruway Exit 19 and 1 ½ hours southwest of the Albany International Airport and the Capital District.  Plattekill Mountain Bike Park is the longest continuously operating bike park in the country and is celebrating  its 20th year with over 60km’s of gravity oriented lift served trails, operating 2 lifts to two different summits.  Plattekill’s classic, natural downhill terrain is known and loved by World Cup racers and weekend warriors alike.  Plattekill is The Real Deal.


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