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09/07/2018 - 12/29/2018
Photographs of a fading traditional way of life from 17 states with special emphasis on Plumas and Sierra Counties.
Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 5-7 pm, with talk by the artist David Leland Hyde at 6 pm.
Museum regular hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10-4

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What is a Community Cafe?


A Community Care is an event created for rich conversations and collaborative dialogue. As SCFO works to gather input on the strengths and needs of the communities we serve, we need to hear from those who and work here. We will have conversations regarding child care and early education, disabilities, mental health, social services, employment, health, community resources and more. 



Why have a Community Café?


SCFO is in the process of conducting our new five-year Community-Wide Strategic Planning and Needs Assessment. We need your input, ideas, and opinions as we begin to create the roadmap that will take us to 2020 and beyond. Please join us at the Community Café so we can work together to identify the strengths and needs of our community. This will help us build partnerships, identify resources and develop our focus and program planning to best meet the needs of children and families in Modoc County for the next five years.


Who Should Attend?


We would like to encourage elected officials, early childhood educators, health and behavioral health providers, social services providers, parents, community members and anyone working in businesses or organizations providing services to children and families.

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GRINDURO- Quincy, CA (September 29, 2018) The Grinduro fame continues to grow each year. Named Event of the Year by the Design & Innovation Awards team for 2016, and ‘your new favorite bike race’ by Outside Magazine.  62 miles of pavement, gravel, and singletrack with plenty of climbing and twisty descents. Most of the ride is casual, there are four timed sections that are designed to cater to specific strengths. Grinduro racers and spectators are treated to three days of camping, live music (including a late-night DJ), beer, awesome food, and campfires.

  • 898 registered riders (2017). Grinduro sells out almost instantaneously.

  • The Grinduro pop-up shop featuring custom bike manufacturers and artists and draws endless foot traffic.

  • Custom Grinduro shoes, clothing and other merchandise products have built the  Grinduro brand internationally.

  • The fun-filled, comradic spirit of Grinduro has lead some to say, “The Grinduro format might just save bike racing.”

  • Grinduro is our most photographed race, there are multiple sponsorship opportunities available for onsite branding and presence.

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