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Ad Title: Executive Director Position
Location: Greater Cayce West Columbia Chamber of Commerce
Post Date: 11/09/17
Contact: Cory Harrison
City: Cayce
State: SC
Zip: 29033
Phone (W): (803) 794-6504
Website: visit our website...

Reports to: Chairperson and Board of Directors

Job Description: Full time

Basic Function: The Executive Director is hired by and reports to the Chamber’s Board of Directors and is responsible for a full range of activities, including, but not limited to, the following: promoting the Chamber; driving growth of the Chamber; and event creation and planning.

Skills: Solid written and public speaking skills. Strong administrative and communication skills. Ability to lead others and manage human relations throughout the organization. Strategic planning skills and the ability to work with office team to develop and operate within financial budgets.

Principal Accountabilities: In accordance with Chamber bylaws, policies, and annual performance goals established by the Chairperson, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors, and with appropriate delegation, the President shall:

Promote the Chamber:

1. Serve as a spokesperson for the Chamber in
conjunction with the Chairperson, i.e. be a face
of the Chamber. Demonstrate professional conduct
when representing the Chamber.

2. Attend most signature events and programs of the
Chamber and other events throughout the business
community as approved/designated by the Executive
Committee or Board of Directors.

3. Identify critical issues that may impact the
Chamber and its members; advocate as needed and
assist the Chairperson in preparation of a
statement of Chamber position on public issues.

4. Utilize partnerships with local agencies as

Driving growth of the Chamber:

1. Develop and supervise an effective program of
membership development including sales,
recruitment, membership services, and membership

2. Develop and maintain an effective communications
program responsive to the needs of the

3. Effectively use web tools and social media tools
to promote the Chamber. Maintain chamber web
site and Facebook page for the Chamber and
Chamber events. Insure a response to all
notifications, messages and questions in a timely
manner. Maintain all groups and pages affiliated
with GCWCC Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram,
Pinterest, and any other social platforms
associated with GCWCC.

4. Present all money-making opportunities to the
Board of Directors and keep them informed on the

Management of all reports:

1. Work with the Director of Operations to manage
the finances of the Chamber. The team should
produce financial reports to the CPA and Board,
preparing an annual budget and long-range
forecasts of financial needs.

2. Provide all necessary information and materials,
meeting announcements, newsletter, etc. to
inform the Board and membership on appropriate

3. Coordinate with Board Secretary to provide
written monthly reports to include minutes,
records, documents and seal of the Chamber to the
Board of Directors along with recommendations as

4. Serve as secretary to all Board of Directors and
Executive Committee meetings, write, distribute
and maintain accurate minutes, but may delegate
such duties to a Chamber staff or Chamber member
when desirable.

Management of daily office functions:

1. Be responsible for and have the power to carry
out the details of the operation of the
organization along the lines of policy and
according to regulations prescribed by the
Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

2. Subject to the approval of the Board of
Directors, shall hire all staff personnel, assign
their duties, supervise their work and perform
annual evaluations.

3. Work with staff to maintain office hours of 9:00
am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00 am
to 4:00 pm on Friday to provide public and member
assistance as visitor and public information

4. Order appropriate plaques and awards as needed.

Event planning:

1. Assist Board Members and Committee Chair people
with coordination of events -- provide supplies,
recruit volunteers and work at these events.

2. Obtain sponsors for events as needed. Send thank
you letters to sponsors and others in the event
this is not handled by the Chairperson.

3. Provide updated information on events for web

4. Maintain RSVP lists for events.

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