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Corvallis Catering LLC
Cathy Watson
Fax: 541-981-5002
Member Since: 2018
We are proud to provide restaurant quality meals to fraternities and sororities at Oregon State University. Our services are not limited to the Greek houses at OSU. We are available to be your private chef service for events large and small. Corvallis Catering proudly features Enagic-Kangen ionized alkaline water at our events, and we are happy to demonstrate how ionized alkaline water can be a benefit in your life.
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Jalene Case Coaching & Consulting
Jalene Case
Leadership Consultant & Coach
271 NE 121st Street
Newport, OR 97365
Member Since: 2020
Hi! My name is Jalene Case and I run a consulting and coaching company. I work with leaders who want to lead themselves first and develop a stronger team that focuses on what matters most. As a coach, I work with managers who want to move up by sharpening essential leadership skills. In fact, I have 40 years of experience working in businesses from being a secretary in the early 80?s to being an executive director most recently. As a result of my work, clients are better leaders, better communicators, better at reaching meaningful goals, and have more influence with the people they serve. On a personal note, my husband and I took two years to ride our motorcycles from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. To ride those 42,000 miles, it took a tenacious grip on my motorcycle and my goal!
Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments
Ryan Vogt
1400 Queen Ave. SE
Albany, OR 97322
Member Since: 2011
Cascades West has been providing expert business lending services in Oregon since 1983. We specialize in SBA and governments loan programs, as well as local resources for loans in your area.
Kernutt Stokes
Shelly Sorem
200 SW 4th Street
Suite 201
Corvallis, OR 97333
Fax: 541-752-1796
Member Since: 2002
Ingle Byzick & Associates
Jeff Jensen Manager
2015 NW Grant
Corvallis, OR 97330-4315
Fax: 541-754-7619
Member Since: 1986
Tax Accountants and Business Consultants
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