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Adrienne Fritze
460 SW Madison
Suite 16
Corvallis, OR 97333
Member Since: 2017
Member Proudly Supports:
- Corvallis Art Center
- Maxtivity Creative Space
- Chamber Golf Scramble
- Furniture Share
Through Art/Technology/Play, RemarkableArts creates products and immersive events that delight, entertain, and challenge people and communities to discover and and play--at every age! Our customers, and our clients and their customers, are enlivened and empowered, fostering harmony while rekindling wonder in the world. Our Interests & Values: >> Exquisite Artistry & Craftsmanship >> Elegant, Intelligent Design >> Community Collaboration & Contribution >> Unforgettable, Immersive Experiences You can find some of our projects here: Conundrum House (one of our DBAs) - a game and play space that offers tabletop games, RPGs and Live-Action Role-Playing Adventures and Experiences. Journals for Seekers (a client project) - guidebooks to the inner you, are bite-sized and straightforward. These ?skill-building? journals prompt you to take small, manageable steps, to reflect rationally upon your situation and its possible solutions. The Dodecatimer (one of ours) - an elegant, beautiful, executive timer. Great tool for business and personal coaches, game play, and other time interval based activities.
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