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Broken Image Kite and Art Festival
08/17/18 - 08/21/18

Rockaway Beach Kite and ART Festival

Friday 12 pm 2 pm to 6 pm 
Saturday 10 am to 6 pm 
and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm 
Always depend on weather-vendors may be open longer if they like 

Location: Ocean's Edge Wayside
103 1st Ave
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Registration ends on August 18, 2018

online payments only, please let us know what you are selling

Register For This Event

Please print a copy of your registration for checking in purposes. It will also show the package that you chose and expedite your setting up process. Please, do not show up before 8:30 on Friday morning or you will be asked to leave and return when setting up time has begun.

If you are concerned that you could have an item or food that is commonly sold, please email me and ask. I will look into it if I do not know already.

Pay online by E-Check or with PayPal. You spot is not held until your payment has cleared and it is unfair to other vendors and unkind to the volunteer to expect this to be taken care of at the last minute.

We will and do ask the vendors to use the public parking lot across the highway or we get complaints about the congestion and folks will not stop to purchases from the vendors. If you have food items, please make arrangements for those goods to be in the area you pay for and brought when the event is not open. If you purchase a spot for your merchandise to be next you then so be it, and you must pay for the additional spot, while leaving the public parking open.

Each vendor may be asked to give an item or a couple of meals (average cost of $20) that will be auctioned each hour during the event. Likewise your names will be entered in the drawing so you may win as well.

This event will open on Friday between noon and 2pm and will close on Monday at 2pm.
Vendors that can not stay for all of the days will be allowed to move out before 10am Sunday and Monday or after the booths have closed on Saturday or Sunday evening which will depend on sales and the weather. We ask that you do not do so during open event hours. Those who do will not be asked to return to our venue. If you need to come in late in the day Friday or even Saturday, please let us know.

Remember to print your Confirmation/Registration so that it is easier to get you in your spot!

Kindly RBCC.