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Dear Drivers,

The American Valley Speedway is launching a brand new way to help our drivers promote their cars and sponsors online. All services are included in the normal annual track fee and is another way for AVS to show our appreciation to all of you.

American Valley Speedway is also launching a new website to showcase all of our participating cars and drivers to make it interesting to fans and to help you expand ways to promote your sponsors.

In order to get your SpeedwayPAL | TCS website working for you we will need some information from you. We’ve tried to make this easy for you... just go to and answer the simple questions.

Questions are: Name, email, phone, about you and/or car and submit 5 of your favorite race photos that have to do with your driving / car.

Once that’s done we will assign an Internet Representative to you at no charge. They will optimize your new race car / driver website for presentation through the new AVS website, iPhone and Android mobile applications.

Once you’re setup you will be able to manage your sponsor advertising website, classifieds, car news and a more managed right through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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If you offer sponsorship's feel free to talk a little about those opportunities here. If you rather not that is fine too.

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Any other information you would like to share or have us include in your new website. You will be able to edit and add much more content once the Internet Representative has finished their work.

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