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Last Friday, I casually mentioned to my bank teller that I wanted to challenge the community to help the victims of the hurricanes. Before I could leave the bank, the branch manager and staff had agreed to join the challenge. For the past week, I have been making preparations to begin collecting donations and additional items. As the President of the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce, I am challenging ALL businesses and residents to support this mission. We will be collecting donations to take to the hurricane victims.
                            To Donate ~ Visit: and click the link
                            To Volunteer ~ Email: VictimsReliefFunds@GardenaChamber.Org
                            For Information ~ Call: the chamber office (310) 532-9905
                            Please bring the suggested items and to the chamber office
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In the next weeks to come, we are asking for you to donate whatever you can to the help the victims. The impact of the devastation is huge. Can you imagine losing EVERYTHING, except what you have on your person? I would want someone to help me. Please help us raise money to pruchase the following suggested items and/or you can drop off  items at the chamber office or donation boxes at supporting businesses throughout the city. 
Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce 1204 W. Gardena Blvd. Suite E. Gardena Ca. 90247
Office: (310) 532-9905  ~ Email:

 I am totally trusting God to provide everything we will need!!!
Hygiene Kitchen Linen Clothing School Babies Household
Toothbrush Dishes Bath Towels Shoes Backpacks Diapers Detergent
Toothpaste Cookware Hand Towels Coats 3 Ring Binders Wipes Bleach
Soap Dish Towels Blankets Dresses Filler Paper Clothes Dish Soap
Deodorant Glasses Bed sheets Suites Color Pencils Bottles Cleaning
Shampoo Mixing bowls Pillows Blouses Crayons Spoons Alcohol
Conditioner Utensils Laundry Bag Underwear Pens Formulas Peroxide
Famine Prod. Storage Cont.   Socks Pencils Blankets Antiseptic
Combs Silverware   T-Shirts Erasers Toys Band Aides
Brushes Zip Lock Bags   Sweaters Comp. Books Strollers Cotton Balls
Curling Irons Storage Cont.   Sweats Portfolios Walkers Q Tips
Flat Irons Plastic Plates   Shorts Glue Cribs Scrub Pads
Mouthwash Plastic Cups     Glue Sticks Highchairs Storage Containers
Hair Ties Napkins     Color Paper Play Pen Storage Bags
Hand Sensitizer       Rulers   Large Containers
Lotions       Pencil Pouches   Headache Meds
Blow Dryers           Trash Bags
Shaving Razors           Boxes
            Packaging Tape
            First Aid Items

VOLUNTEERS and Non Perishable Food  are needed!!

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