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Event Name:Fireworks Spectacular Postponed
Event Type(s):Lake Almanor Area Events Calendar
Description:The Fireworks Spectacular has been postponed this year to Labor Day Weekend.

Event Date:7/4/2019
Location:, CA 96020
Contact Person:Jay Sabelman
(phone: 530-597-3303)
Details:The Chamber of Commerce has been flooded with so many calls and emails, we have been unable to respond to all. We have been overwhelmed by our community and visitor’s love of our 4th of July Fireworks show and are as disappointed as all are to have to postpone this year’s show to Labor Day. We would like you to understand the reason this had to happen so you may share in the dissemination of accurate information.

o Lake Almanor is at an historically high lake level. Snow is still melting.

o The launch site that was available 2 weeks ago is now covered

o Currently there is not a safe site available to launch. Safe means far enough away from homes, forest and launch crew to keep all safe. Last year, Peninsula Fire responded to approximately 40 ember fires due to wind and drift.

o Moving to a different site is problematic for 2 reasons 1) the entire shoreline is higher than ever, and, 2) even if there was a safe site, the Pyrotechnics company does not have enough time to file the proper certificates to move the site this late in the game.

o A barge is not an option at this time. It would take much more lead time to plan, and certify. Also, it is an electrical show, not a hand lit show as we currently have. 

o Chief Pini, Peninsula Fire, and the Board of Directors of the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce have looked at all options in advance of this difficult decision.

o Postponing to Labor Day weekend, when shoreline will be available to safely launch was the best option available.

o Cal Fire knows that due to this many will try to launch their own fireworks. They are putting on more crews. This is a SAD REALITY we must also deal with. We hope our visitors will be as respectful of our beautiful area as our local community will be.

Many have questions about the future and have asked: What guarantees a show on Labor Day this year? Why would I donate or consider coming up on the 4th next year if you can’t guarantee a show?

Our response and efforts toward these concerns are as follows:

Mother Nature does not give any of us guarantees.

That said, at the end of September, Chief Pini, feels that lake levels will be low enough that the launch site will be a safe site at that time.

As to next year, a barge show is one option we are looking into for the 4th. It is an electrically timed and launched show, not a hand launch show as we have now. It will take a larger space, different permitting, and potentially more costs. We will keep all appraised of our efforts in this direction.

SO FOR THIS YEAR We are hoping that community and visitors will turn their fun to putting lights on their boats and cruising the shoreline during the evening when we used to boat out to the show. Many of us are looking forward to the fun we can have doing this. As a community we are resilient, especially respectful of the beautiful place that we live, and will survive this temporary disappointment by creating new tradition and memories. Thank you all for sharing this! See Less
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Fireworks Spectacular