Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce - Event Information

Event Name:Identifying and Ending Our Racism
Event Type(s):Community Event
Description:A work group for white people who are committed to ending racism
Event Date:9/24/2019
Event Time:7:00P.M.
Location:, IA
Details:Participants will examine our own racism, identify privilege benefiting whites in a racist society, and mobilize individual and collective action to end racism in our communities. This is a work group for white people to examine what it means to be white in a racist society where all public space and government promotes and endorses white culture, experience, identity, and power. We will critically reflect on our words and our actions with the goal of identifying our own racism. We will explore ways we can confront and end racism.

text or call six-zero-eight, three-four-five, 5438 to RSVP and get location details

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