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Event Name:Trick-Or-Treat in Decorah
Event Type(s):Chamber Event
Community Event

Halloween is sneaking right up! The Decorah Police Department & Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce encourage you to trick or treat and have fun!

Here are some important etiquette items to share with the costumed kiddos in your life:

1.) Respect lights out. If a porch light isn't on, please don't approach someone's door. What if they are in the middle of a crucial final episode of insert reality television show here?!
2.) As always, observe local laws. Crossing at corners, for example, helps to keep you safe!
3.) Dress as warmly as you're able.
4.) Cross streets carefully. Look both ways. Walk, don't run. We don't want ghouls & ghosts tripping over their sheets & falling down in the streets.
5.) Respect people's property. (For example, use the sidewalk rather than the lawn. Tread on Susan's flowerbeds at your own peril. She planted those Mums herself & she's not having it.)
6.) Mind your manners. We know your Mama raised you right. "Please," & "Thank you," are Decorah values we can all get behind.

Event Date:10/31/2019
Event Time:5-8 p.m.
Location:Decorah, IA 52101

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Contact Person:Kristina
(phone: 563-382-3990)
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Trick-Or-Treat in Decorah