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Event Name:4 Tools to Get Your Happy On!
Event Type(s):Member Classes
Description:Are you stuck in a place in your life where happiness seems impossible, or maybe even disloyal or not allowed? Or maybe you would just like a little more joy to show up?
Welcome to this Access Consciousness introductory class with 4 easy tools to create happiness as your daily reality! All ages may participate.
Event Date:5/24/2020
Event Time:7:00pm CDT -8:30pm CDT
Location:Online Zoom link provided following registration
Contact Person:Victoria Oestmann
(phone: 5634197776)
Details:What choice for happiness do you have available, that if you made it, would create a greater life, a greater reality for you, and a greater world for us all?
If you make the choice for happiness and play with the 4 tools introduced in this class to get out of the YUCK when you are STUCK, the problems in your life will start to dissipate and change. The better relationships, happier body, joy and money will follow!
Before this class with your facilitator, you can learn more about the tools and get a head start at
What is it you can choose today that will bring you happiness right away?

Suggested Payment $35.Payment can be adjusted: Ask and You Shall Receive. Class cost for teens 16-17 is half price., younger at no charge. Zoom link will be sent after payment arrangements are made.Register at website link below. 
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