2024 Membership Sales Training Seminar
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM Central
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Event Description
Join us for this year's Membership Sales Training Seminar featuring the Holman Bros

This one day intense learning session will cover the following:

Crafting Optimal Prospect Profiles
Learn effective strategies for identifying businesses primed for active engagement and long-term membership, driving growth for your chamber.
Strategic Questioning
Utilize strategic questioning techniques to engage prospective members in meaningful recruiting conversations, gaining insights into their unique circumstances,
challenges and needs.
Improving Recruiting Outcomes with Soft Skills
Discover the critical role of interpersonal skills in building relationships and facilitating productive conversations for recruiting success.  Key skills include effective
communication, active listening, empathy, and time management.
Boosting Average New Member Sale
Implement a systematic approach to boost revenue per new member sale by customizing your membership recommendations to directly address the individual
needs of each prospective member. 
  • Will talk about conversation you should have
  • Talk about message maps
  • Finding your voice

Complimentary Recruiting Playbook
Alongside the training, Doug & Bill Holman will provide a comprehensive recruiting playbook, emphasizing the strategies and techniques they will be sharing throughout the day. 
Last but not least, one lucky attendee will win a free year Holman Bros Next Level Coaching!

Can't be there in person? You can attend the seminar virtually!

The cost for the day is $95 per person and includes lunch and snacks.

Schaumburg Business Association
1501 Woodfield Rd #115n
Schaumburg, IL 60173

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