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In March of 2019 United Food Bank received more than 30,000 Pounds of food through food drives.
In 2020 we received barely 1,000 Pounds.
Don’t fret—You can help!
Let’s have some fun and use our masks to “Mask” ourselves and “Anonymously” drop off food. Wear hats, masks and gloves. Come in “Secret” to donate. Families and communities coming together while keep “Socially Distant” to make a difference in our communities.

We are hosting a Community “Anonymous” Food Drive where you can donate extra nonperishable food items and help others, more needing, in our community.
Wont you help? Come in “Disguise” and donate!

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8:00am to 4:00pmMelissa Forrester

If you are financially secure, consider donating some or all of your Government COVID-19 Aid check to United Food Bank.
Donating your stimulus check could help provide 6,000 meals!
How does United Food Bank Help?
  • By providing over 60,000 healthy meals every day in Arizona.
  • Through our huge buying power, we can turn $1 into almost $10 in food.
  • We are extremely efficient! 96 cents of every dollar donated goes into securing, moving and distributing food!

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8:00am to 4:00pmMelissa Forrester

Create a "Hope Bag" and donate it to the United Food Bank to Help the Homeless!

Items needed: (Please place all items in a one gallon re-sealable bag)
Granola bars or cereal bars (chewy seem to work best because they are less likely to crumble)
Cheese crackers or peanut butter crackers
Fruit rollups or fruit snacks
Protein bars
Beef jerky, Slim Jims, etc.
Small packs of tuna and crackers, deviled ham, etc.
Dried fruit/raisins/peanuts/trail mix
Fruit cups/pudding cups (the kind that do not require refrigeration!)
Small bottled water or juice
Plastic spoon or fork
*Note:Food that does not require refrigeration or cooking and has a pop top, pouch or foil packets and is single serving.

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8:00am to 4:00pmMelissa Forrester

The Traveling Cup and the United Food Bank has teamed up! 
During the Covid-19 crisis every 4th cup of coffee will provide a meal for those in need.
Step 1: Order online
Step 2: Your coffee will be delivered directly to your door
Step 3: Help your community 



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8:00am to 4:00pmMelissa Forrester

Help support the United Food Bank and enjoy a live performance by Joey Gutos!
Fridays 5:30-7:30pm


* A portion benefiting the United Food Bank 

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5:30pm to 7:30pmMelissa Forrester

Thursday, May 28th
10am - 11am

Join us for a weekly update and Q&A session with local experts, outlining how to access the programs and funds that are available for COVID-19 relief. We are joined by Steven M. Vogt, CPA, EA to discuss how to navigate the recording of loans and taxes. 

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5/28/202010:00am to 11:00am

Network QC Luncheon: Virtual Edition
Tuesday, June 9
11:45am - 1pm

Join us on Tuesday, June 9 for our June Network QC Luncheon: Virtual Edition. This month we welcome Chris Clark, President & CEO of the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce. He will be providing us an update on what the Chamber has done this past year and what we have in store for the coming year. 

Please RSVP to receive webinar information

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6/9/202011:45am to 1:00pm

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