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2020 Indianola Golf Open
7/15/2020 - 7/15/2020
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Events in the month of October 2020
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
This Top Five series will feature experts in human resources, marketing, accounting, IT and others. They will introduce five things on certain topics that will help you be successful in your small business.

Many business owners struggle to articulate themselves confidently and concisely — leaving the listener unsure what exactly they do. And likely, missing out one sales. The truth is, up to 80 percent of sales is storytelling, and a well-crafted elevator pitch can open the door to a valuable connection, partnership or referral. "Storytelling for Business: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch" will lead attendees through five questions every owner should be able to answer about their business, plus a practical, step-by-step approach to craft an elevator pitch they can start using today. Participants will walk away feeling confident in how to answer the question, “So, what do you do?" Plus, they'll be equipped to use networking to open the door to sales.

Mackenzie Ryan is a speaker, leader and chief storytelling officer at M Ryan Media, a marketing and public relations company dedicated to lifting up and sharing stories of businesses, nonprofits and personal brands to drive results. A former Des Moines Register journalist, Mackenzie has worked in five states, won a national journalism award, co-founded the Des Moines Storytellers Project and produced a TV documentary that went to 3 million households. Mackenzie lives in West Des Moines, enjoys hanging out with her fiance, Andy, her two future stepsons and their dogs, Maddie and Jax. She's an active member of Lutheran Church of Hope and is passionate about storytelling as a way to build connection and community, including running the e-magazine, Faith Stories Weekly, signup online at

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Business meeting begins at 11:00 AM with gardening Q&A and a cooperative lunch at Noon.  Program follows lunch at 1:00 PM.  Program is Pruning presented by Joe Jenkins, Jenkins Garden Market.  
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