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St. Mary's Medical Center Senior Care Services is offering a fun, educational series designed to connect you with the tools and information you need to stay happy and healthy....wherever you may live!  Topics planned for 2020 include: Planning for The Future, Right-Sizing, Senior Mental Health, Preventative Health for 55+, How to Talk to Your Doc, Let's Talk about Stress and Saying No: Self-Preservation.  There are two special meetings: April 16 and Sept 17 on Advanced Healthcare Directives and there is no meeting in July due to our big Teepa Snow event and no meeting in December.

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Understanding Dementia leads to better care.  St. Mary's Medical Center Senior Care Services is proud to offer Dementia 101.  This series will cover topics that include: Challenging Behaviors, Music and Memory, Communication, Legal Planning, Transitions of Care, Advocating for Your Loved One, Understanding Home Health, Palliative Care and Hospice, End Stage Dementia, and Life After Dementia.  This series is suitable for anyone who has a loved one living with dementia, works with people living with dementia, or just wants to understand this disease a little bit better.
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