The ABCs of Business: Revenue vs. Profit

Knowing the difference between revenue and profit in your business is critical, but can be difficult to understand. In this session, hear from the experts at SCORE on how to differentiate the two and learn why only focusing on increasing your revenue can be a mistake.


will never graduate.  It’s like adding another child to your family. It takes perseverance, stamina and there is absolutely no substitute for hard work.

Nilson Goes, the founder of Infinite Energy Construction, knows this all too well and will share his riveting story of the journey he traveled to start and grow his highly successful business as a minority entrepreneur.  This story will inspire, educate and motivate anyone struggling to start and grow a business.

In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, SCORE is excited to share Nilson’s story with you and help propel you forward on your own business journey.

Presented by Nilson Goes