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75th Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner
5/16/2024 - 5/16/2024
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8/2/2023 - 8/31/2023

Zion Bank is proud to host Traveling Treasures: Soil Stories at their financial center in Vernal.

For nearly 20 years, the Natural History Museum of Utah and Zions Bank have worked together on Traveling Treasures, a robust annual outreach partnership designed to bring the state museum of natural history, and its collections, into Utah’s diverse communities. Every year, a team of educators, exhibit designers, bank personnel, and museum volunteers together create a new traveling exhibit which explores an intriguing aspect of the natural history of the state, region, or planet.

During its time on the road each year, Traveling Treasures visits up to 12 cities and hosts family science festivals throughout the state. This community programming allows the Natural History Museum of Utah to connect with Utah’s communities statewide—from Vernal to Delta, and Logan to Kanab.

Traveling Treasures 2022-2023: Soil Stories

Soil is much more than just the dirt under our feet. It's a complex mixture that supports many aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. Soil is also home to countless organisms, from burrowing insects to a network of fungi and plants. In Utah, you can find a wide variety of soils, whether it's the iconic red soil of southern Utah or the salty wetland near Great Salt Lake. Presented by Zions Bank, this traveling exhibit showcases the extraordinary details beneath our feet that color our beautiful state of Utah. 

8/16/2023 - 8/19/2023
Have you ever wanted to work from home? Join us at the Innovation Hub on August 23, at 6pm and see the opportunities the Rural Online Initiative Program can offer you!
8/25/2023 - 8/27/2023
You don't want to miss this epic event!

Join us for a weekend-long festival. Look to the skies for dozens of colorful hot-air balloons.

From music to balloons, craft fairs to craft beers, this event has something for the whole family.

Take a stroll down Main Street to see the hand-painted windows. Look out for sidewalk sales from local shops and look down for epic sidewalk chalk art.

Try out local restaurants and race down Main Street in your best dinosaur costume.

We can't wait to SOAR with you!
8/29/2023 - 8/30/2023

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