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2020 Chamber / Rotary Golf Scramble
9/15/2020 - 10/2/2020
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9/15/2020 - 10/2/2020
The 2020 Chamber / Rotary Golf Scramble, is a long standing tradition of a great day out on the links with friends. This event is presented by the Benton / West City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Benton Rotary Club; with the support of our major sponsors and our hole sponsors. 

The 2020 event will be held on October 2, 2020 .  This years Golf Scramble promises to be scary fun!  This year we will have a Rotary team as well as a Chamber team playing along side our golfers to receive bragging rights. To add to the fun we will be giving away a trophy for the Best Team Costume and the Best overall Costume.  Costumes are not required,  but we figured since it is October we would add a little fun to the scramble by asking you to get creative with your team and come up with a killer costume. 

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9/19/2020 - 9/20/2020

This course will provide an understanding for the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense. The participants will develop skills and attitudes essential for the safe and effective use of a handgun for the protection of self and family. Further, coverage will be provided on mental awareness, how to avoid victimization, and mindset development for use of a firearm when faced with a life threatening encounter. This course will review basic gun safety rules for guns in the home, travel and concealed carry. Also covered will be the responsibility of firearm ownership laws, how to legally travel with a firearm and the justified use of lethal force. Students will be required to participate in classroom and firearms range activities and demonstrate basic live-fire handgun proficiency. 

An Illinois Firearms Owners ID card is recommended, but not required.  This course assumes participant already has a basic understanding of firearms, firearm’s safety and possesses basic firearm’s use skill sets.  However, even very novice shooters are more than welcome and even encouraged to attend. (No Firearms or ammunition allowed in the classroom)

This course is available to and encouraged for private/professional groups of 15 or more. Course facilitator would provide classroom facility suitable for the number of participants. Contact us for more information and the training team availability and dates Course meets all of the Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum Mandates.

This is an approved curriculum by the Illinois State Police and this course meets the first and second part of Illinois Concealed Carry Curriculum Mandates.

Registration includes: Range fees, training firearms rental, ammunition, safety glasses, associate range membership, Florida and Utah non-resident permit-to carry application and bonus materials available for discounted additional fees. **Non refundable registration deposit must be made to save your spot in the class.       (You may change the date once without needing to repay the deposit.)

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According to the Illinois State Police, Concealed Carry Permit holders who took their original Concealed Carry class 5 years ago, are now eligible to take their Concealed Carry 3-Hour Renewal Class. Graduates, however, should not submit their renewal application with renewal certificate until they receive their notice of original permit expiration from the Illinois State Police or within 90 days of expiration.

This is the 3-hour Concealed Carry Renewal Class for Illinois Concealed Carry permit holders.  Per Illinois Concealed Carry Act Mandate, the class will consist of reviewing all laws associated with Illinois Concealed Carry followed up with a live fire range qualification.

This is an approved curriculum by the Illinois State Police and this course meets the renewal mandates.

Registration includes: Range fees, training firearms rental, ammunition, safety glasses

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This course is for the new or beginner shooter. This course provides the student with a basic understanding of handgun and ammunition nomenclature, basic fundamentals of shooting, firearms safety, storage and transportation. The course offers a stress free interactive environment for new or beginner shooters where they learn to properly handle and function their own handgun. It will be 7 hours long with short breaks every hour and a 1 hour lunch break. Students will be put through live fire drills concluding classroom lecture.
(Meets Florida CCW Permit Requirements / Additional Fees Apply)

Topics Covered:
Handgun Safety
Handgun storage
Ammunition types
Fundamentals of shooting
Dry Fire Drills
Live Fire Drills
Handgun Care
Handgun Maintenance

Student Requirements:
*Serviceable Handgun
(limited rentals available)
*100 minimum ammunition
(limited ammo available for purchase)
*Range appropriate attire
*Safety glasses
*Ear protection
*NO open toe shoes/sandals

Course Tuition:

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