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January 2020

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01/18/20Landscaping for small spaces
Do you have a small landscape area in the front and back of your home? Come learn which plants will fit your space beautifully and require little maintenance. 


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01/18/20Self Defense Adult Fitness Seminar
Join us for our FREE Self Defense and Fitness Seminar for adults who would like to learn effective basic defense techniques that could potentially save your life and enjoy an easy and fun fitness workout to feel ebtter and relief stress.
No experience required!

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01/23/20Hummingbird and Butterfly Gardening
Discover the habitat needs and best plants to incorporate into your landscape for attracting adult butterflies, as well as plants that allow them to complete their life cycle. 


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01/23/20So, You Want to Publish A Book?
A free workshop for authors, teaching about the many ways to publish a children's or nonfiction book, will be offered in Avondale, on January 23, 2020, at 7:00 P.M. The workshop, held at the Residence Inn, 11465 W Hilton Way, is free of charge and pre-registration is required. Please visit to learn more. 

Avondale, AZ-  If you’ve ever wanted to publish a nonfiction book or create an entertaining children’s book, this “So, You Want to Publish a Book?” interactive workshop is for you. Join Sean Buvala of The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group as he walks you through the no-holds-barred realities of modern publishing. Learn about three current models of publishing including traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing. Learn why writing your book is the easiest part of the process. You’ll learn what not to do and what you must start doing right away. We’ll cover what you need to know to get started and how to possibly have your book published within the next 24 months.

“Becoming an author is a process that seems shrouded in mystery. We’re going to help folks chart a path for their book. There’s nothing for sale at this workshop, so we hope folks come ready to learn and actively participate,” says Sean Buvala, who is both an author and publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group. 

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01/25/20Maricopa County Master Gardener Citrus Clinic - West Valley

Join the University of Arizona Master Gardeners to learn citrus care, fruit tree selection, and date growing for the AZ low desert.

The citrus clinics, now in their 17th year, feature the foremost state citrus experts, including The University of Arizona faculty and noted local professionals. The experts will present eight learning stations on topics such as how to select and plant fruit trees appropriate for our climate, date growing for the home gardener, citrus fertilization, irrigation, pruning, and how to solve fruit tree problems through pest identification and management. While you are there, do not miss the display of more than 100 citrus varieties and sample many of the varieties made available that day.

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01/25/20Declutter Your Life: Tax Time Tips
Make tax time less taxing with Wendy and Jeannie. Your Declutter Coach and Westvalley Accounting have partnered up to bring you Tax Time Tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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01/25/20Trick a Troll, Fool the Ferocious: Storytelling for Aduls
Avondale, AZ-   How does one confront undisciplined power? "Trick a Troll, Fool the Ferocious" is the theme of the upcoming concert blending traditional storytelling and spoken word for adults. Continuing the west-valley storytelling series “StoryRise,” tellers from across the valley will share their takes on the theme.  A discussion of the art form and the tales follows. $10, Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. The concert is held at the Residence Inn in Avondale, 11465 W. Hilton Way. This performance is not intended for children. For more information and tickets, please see the StoryRise website at 

“The ‘One Story, Many Voices’ approach to this night gives our tellers all one task: to interpret a very specific set of traditional folktales for modern audiences,” says Sean Buvala. Sean has been working nationally in storytelling for 34  years and is recognized for his storytelling by the National Storytelling Network with their "Oracle Award."

Buvala added, "We want to be sure that folks understand this is not a children's event. Our storytelling is intended for adults and mature teens. We like to call these nights the 'no bunny slippers' events, referring to the famous footwear of young children. People sometimes hear the word 'storytelling' and think cute, little story-times at the local library. This presentation is nothing like that at all."

For more information, please see the StoryRise website at . 

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01/28/20Chamber 101: Morning Edition
Chamber 101 Morning Edition is designed to accommodate those with busy schedules and no lunch time availability.

Join us at Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino for an hour of lively, fast-paced and information-filled presentation showing you the basics of our Chamber memberships. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!


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