Member Referral

Member: Best Western Plus

Below is a list of members we do business with and recommend...

Alliance Foods, Inc. - Judy Rossom

Asama Coldwater Manufacturing, Inc. - Mark Conti

Capri Drive In - Susan Magocs

Consumers Energy - Gregory Moore

Flagstar Bank - Jamie Nichols

Paragon Metals - Katrina Mosher

Sekisui Voltek, LLC - Cynthia Visotsky

Star of the West Milling Co. - Yvonne Klingler

Wal-Mart Distribution Center 6043 - Holly Eichorn

WTVB AM1590/FM 95.5/WNWN FM 98.5/Midwest Comm. Inc - Ken Delaney

ZetaOne, Inc - Aaron Garn