Event Registration - Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce

Women's Weekend Out Sponsorship
4/3/2020 - 4/5/2020

Sponsorship and Program deadline is March 13th.

Swag Bags Start thinking about an item for these coveted bags to make them the BEST EVER! 250 bags will be available. While the participants like the coupons, we are asking for actual items whenever possible to go along with those coupons. But don’t let that overwhelm you~ you can give 50 or 100 items or whatever works for you—just make it fun! 

www.facebook.com/WWODecorah When you create your Facebook event be sure to invite WWODecorah to be a co-host. This will allow all events to be automatically posted to the page. 

What’s your “special something?” Don’t leave guests wondering “Now what…?” They want activity! Bring in a musician or artist, host a fun class or workshop, have samples for people to try, offer deals, a cooking class, wine tasting, special sign up drawings or other incentives they can’t say no to! Be sure to let us know all the details so we can start promoting it now.

Success depends on YOU! We need you to do your part to promote the weekend as well! With limited marketing dollars, we need you to help spread the work to your regular clients, family, friends, co-workers, staff, your Facebook page, e-mail lists, distributing save the date cards, etc.

Photos! Email a photo (or two!) to be used for WWO promotion to kristina@decorahareachamber.com.