Event Registration - Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce
2020 Holiday Promotion Sign Up
10/14/2020 - 10/31/2020

Online Gift Card Platform
It's back! We will open the online gift card platform from November 1 through December 31. 
There is a $25 fee for you to participate as a "seller" on the platform to cover our processing fees. If you select this option within this registration you will be billed accordingly. 
Per your request, we will send you twice weekly reports (Monday & Thursday) with buyer information. All gift cards will be sold in $20 increments. With your registration, please select your report preference: Google Sheet or Excel Sheet.
We will mail checks for your sales every Thursday to compensate you for the corresponding Monday & Thursday reports.  

Countdown to Christmas
We are inviting all retail and restaurant member businesses to participate in the Countdown to Christmas. 
For every $25 purchase, consumers will earn an entry into the drawing. 
We will provide you with entry forms to share with your customers. It is your personal choice to make entries available for online purchases if applicable. Should you choose to promote that option, you will be responsible for translating that online transaction to the physical drawing. We will make entries available to those buying gift cards on the DACC platform. 
To participate, you will be required to contribute $50 in gift cards to the drawings. We will divide all the gift cards up to do multiple drawings valued at $200. You can choose how you want to divide the $50. I suggest 2 @ $25 but I appreciate that smaller amounts make more sense for some of you. 
We will collect the entries every Friday morning. We ask that you deliver them to the DACC or to a block captain. 

As always, please call or email if we can help.

Registration ends on 10/31/2020