Event Registration - Greater Cayce-West Columbia Chamber & Visitor Center.
2018 GCWC Chamber Summer Bowling League

10 Week League on Tuesday Nights, June 12 - August 21,  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm (est) . We will not bowl on July 1st due to holiday.
  • Cost is $75.00 team registration fee (Trophies/Prizes/Banquet)
  • $10.00 per person/ per week ($100.00 total) Shoes are free.
  • Teams will consist of three (3) bowlers.
  • Substitutes/pre-bowling will be allowed.
  • Teams will bowl 3 games each week.
  • Great for "Team Building"and NETWORKING!
This will be a handicap league. Handicap is used in the sport of bowling to create a relatively even playing field between players in a league or tournament. Bowlers will have a number (handicap) added to their scores bowled to come up with a handicap game. Bowlers with a higher average, will have a lower handicap number added to their scores bowled. Bowlers with a lower average, will have a higher handicap number added to their scores bowled.

Individuals interested in bowling but cannot form a team are encouraged to respond .
For more information, pictures & video from last year's league go to
Location: AMF Park Lanes, 900 Axtell Dr, Cayce, Cayce, SC 29033

There are currently 1 spots remaining out of 16