For Sale Submission Form-HMRQ Website - Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council
This form is intended only for members of High Mountain Riders Quincy to list horse related items for sale on their website.

If you would like to list something for sale on their website and you are NOT a member, we encourage you to join our organization. You may do so by visiting our website, and completing our membership application.

By submitting this "FOR SALE SUBMISSION FORM" you agree to the following terms:
1. Only current members of the High Mountain Riders Quincy organization may list
items for sale on the High Mountain Riders Quincy website.
2. Only horse related items may be offered for sale.
3. All questions must be answered on this form or your request will be returned for
4. If your request is approved, it will be posted within 72 hours.
5. If your request is not posted to the website within 72 hours you agree to contact the
webmaster at "" to check on the status of your
5. You agree to review your listing on the website to ensure all information has
been listed correctly, including the price, contact information and the full
description of each item listed for sale.
6. If an error has been made in a listing, you agree to contact the webmaster immediately
and correct the error.
7. If an item has been sold or you no longer wish to offer it for sale, you agree
to contact the webmaster promptly to have it removed.

High Mountain Riders-For Sale Submission Form
Listing Examples:
Example 1: Price: $75.00, Quantity: 5 items, Description: 3 rope halters; 1 lead rope; 1 blanket; all in excellent condition.

Example 2: Price: $250, Quantity: 1, Description: Western roping saddle, good condition. photo available upon request.
Your name, address, phone and email address are for office use only. The only information posted to the website will include the items you are listing for sale and the contact information you have provided for the buyer to contact you.