SEPTFEST 2018 Vendor Registration Form - Oak Grove Chamber of Commerce
This form must be completed in it's entirety. Once received an electronic invoice will be generated and emailed to you within 48 hours for payment. BOOTH SPACE IS NOT SECURED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED!! All vendors will be assigned a location based on their electrical needs and the order in which this Registration Form was received.

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Not sure how much electricity your device will need?  Here are a few EXAMPLES of electrical requirements for typical devices used at festivals.  If you are unsure PLEASE CALL!!!

To assure that your booth has the proper amount of electricity available we have listed a few examples of electrical devices that are typically used at an event such as this.

These are examples and we urge you to RESEARCH your own electrical needs so that the proper amount is provided to your booth space on event day.

We work very closely with our electrician who has been setting up festivals for over 30 years.  He is available to talk to you about your electrical needs if necessary. 
Contact Teresa @816-690-4147
Device Typical Wattage Surge Wattage
Light Bulb                    60 watts                   60 watts surge
Fan 75 watts     150 watts surge   
Laptop                400 watts                 600 watts surge
Microwave 750 watts 1000 watts surge
Refrigerator 1200 watts 2400 watts surge
Blender 300 watts 900 watts surge
Coffee Maker     1500 watts 1500 watts
Popcorn Maker 924 watts 1025 watts surge
Small Kitchen Burner 723 watts 800 watts surge
Large Kitchen Burner 1252 watts 1400 watts surge
Broiler Oven 1800 watts 2000 watts surge
Toaster 1000 watts 1600 watts surge
Radio 100 watts 100 watts surge
Space Heater 1800 watts 1800 watts surge
Air Conditioner 1200 watts 4800 watts surge
Deep Freezer 500 watts 1000 watts surge
Hair Dryer 1200 watts 1200 watts surge
**Surge wattage is when turning on the individual device.
Again these are EXAMPLES of some of the electrical devices used during festivals.  Please check your electrical requirements and mark appropriately on your registration form.  Please call us if you have any questions and we can put you in contact with the electrician.  REMEMBER- you only get 100 watts of electricity with every 10' x 10' booth space. (equivalent: one strand of LED lights).  Please don't be "the one" to blow the fuse and make everyone lose their electricity!!! We are here to accomodate you as much as possible please take the time to provide us with the most accurate information.
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