2020 Southwest Valley Awards Gala Award Nominations
Nominate your choice for the following awards to be recognized at the Southwest Valley Awards Gala.

The name and email boxes at the top of the form are asking for your information as the submitter.

This form can time out. Consider submitting separate forms for each nominee or write up your answers in Word or Notepad and cut/paste to the form.

Nominations should be made based on criteria listed under each category. A complete list of awards and criteria list is published on the Chamber website. Nomination fields are limited to 200 words.

Only complete nomination forms will be reviewed.

Check the box for the award where you would like to make a nomination.

All recognized nominees must be current members of the Southwest Valley Chamber of Chamber in good standing.

The Awards Committee will review and rank each entry to determine the award recipients. The Awards Committee is comprised of Chamber Members in good standing.
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