Nominate a 63119 Business as a Healthy Business HERO - Webster Groves Shrewsbury Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce.
Who do you appreciate? The Chamber is on a campaign to recognize and appreciate our local businesses who are doing the right thing during the pandemic and following safety protocols. We are sending them some love and recognition. Who needs to be recognized as a Healthy Business Hero? This would be a local business that is careful to protect the health of their employees and their customers. This is NOT a certification. This is a popular vote by the people who patronize our local businesses. This is a philosophy of "Find The Good and Praise It."

The businesses needs to be located in zip code 63119, Webster Groves, Shrewsbury or Rock Hill.

This is NOT an opportunity to shame or excoriate any business. There are plenty of other forums for that activity.
We will give the nominated business a door sticker, and a plaque, designating them a "Healthy Business Hero." and give them some social media publicity.