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04/19/21GEDCC - TOMORROW Virtual Program-Kay Shelton/DART
04/19/21GEDCC New and Renewing Members
04/12/21 GEDCC Corporate Spotlight on Veritex
04/05/21GEDCC Corporate Spotlight on Frost
03/29/21GEDCC - Candidate Forum for District 7
03/26/21GEDCC Executive Suites Available
03/23/21copy of GEDCC Happy Hour Join Us!
03/23/21GEDCC - COVID-19 Impact on East Dallas-Virtual Prog
03/18/21GEDCC Corporate Spotlight and Upcoming Program
03/15/21GEDCC - COVID-19 Impact on East Dallas-Virtual Program
03/11/21GEDCC New and Renewing Members
02/24/21GEDCC Executive Suites Available
02/24/21GEDCC New and Renewing Members
02/22/21copy of GEDCC - Live Local Happy Hour - TODAY
02/22/21GEDCC - Live Local Happy Hour - TODAY
02/22/21GEDCC Program CHANGE Tuesday, February 23, 2021
01/19/21GEDCC Chairman's Award Luncheon
01/18/21GEDCC New and Renewing Members
01/12/21GEDCC Marketing & Communications Committee
01/11/21copy of GEDCC - Member News
01/11/21GEDCC - Member News
01/04/21copy of GEDCC Chairman's Award - Nominations Accepted
01/04/21GEDCC Chairman's Award - Nominations Accepted
12/17/20GEDCC CHAMBER MEMBERS Only - Holiday Party
12/17/20GEDCC CHAMBER MEMBERS Only - Ugly Christmas Swea
12/09/20copy of GEDCC New and Renewing Members
12/09/20GEDCC New and Renewing Members
12/03/20GEDCC - 12 Days of Christmas - Support Local
11/18/20copy of copy of GEDCC - Special LEG Webinar
11/18/20copy of GEDCC - Special LEG Webinar
11/17/20GEDCC - Special LEG Webinar
11/17/20GEDCC - TODAY Live Local Happy Hour!
11/16/20GEDCC - Two Events: Program & Live Local Happy Hour! Nov 17.
10/20/20GEDCC - Link to join
10/20/20GEDCC - View the recorded Virtual Economic Summit
10/20/20GEDCC - Watch the Summit with Trammell Crow & Lynn McBee
09/29/20GEDCC - Member News
09/28/20GEDCC New and Renewing Members
09/23/20GEDCC - Member News
09/23/20GEDCC Ballot- Due in 2 days
09/22/20GEDCC - Join us TODAY for Live Local Happy Hour!
09/14/20GEDCC - Chamber Celebrates 75 years - Stephen Holley
09/04/20GEDCC - Ballot for 2021-2023 Board of Directors
09/03/20GEDCC Rise & Shine Breakfast Video Conference
09/01/20GEDCC - Chamber Celebrates 75 years - Stephen Holley/Carry t
08/18/20GEDCC - TODAY at Noon - Business Award Winners
08/05/20GEDCC Business of the Year Award Winners
08/04/20GEDCC People's Business Award
07/27/20copy of GEDCC Business Awards - Nominate Your Favorite Busin
07/27/20GEDCC Business Awards - Nominate Your Favorite Business
06/25/20GEDCC - Advertising Opportunity
06/10/20GEDCC Live Local Yard Signs available
05/27/20GEDCC Message from our Chairman
03/18/20GEDCC Update on Local Businesses
03/09/20GEDCC Upcoming events - Mark your calendars
03/07/20GEDCC Ribbon Cutting-Lakewood Vet Center
03/03/20GEDCC Meso Maya
02/27/20GEDCC Special Program- EarthX 2020 with Tony Keane
02/14/20GEDCC Luncheon: RSVP Due Noon Today
02/11/20GEDCC Survey
02/05/20GEDCC Costco Business Center Networking and Tour
02/03/20GEDCC Smallcakes Medallion is 1 of 2 Ribbon Cuttings this w
01/17/20GEDCC Chairman's Award - Rene Barrera
12/18/19GEDCC Ribbon Cutting The Space at South Side
12/18/19GEDCC Ribbon Cutting TODAY at 5 pm
12/12/19GEDCC 2 Ribbon Cuttings in December
12/11/19GEDCC Chamber by the Numbers
11/29/19GEDCC For Chamber Members Only - Holiday Party
11/13/19GEDCC RSVP by Noon for Teacher of the Year Luncheon
11/06/19GEDCC Nominate your Favorite Teacher!
11/06/19GEDCC Preview for Chamber Members only!!
10/11/19GEDCC Advance Sales end Sunday for Summit
09/15/19GEDCC Ballot for Board Nominees - Due in 10 days
09/12/19GEDCC Luncheon - Celebrating our Community Partners
09/09/19GEDCC Costco Business Center
09/09/19GEDCC HAPPY HOUR - Thursday, September 12
09/03/19GEDCC Costco Business Center Ribbon Cutting TODAY
08/30/19GEDCC Ribbon Cutting - Bowlski's- Tonight
08/15/19GEDCC Business Award Winners
08/08/19GEDCC - Be a Part of our Economic Development Report
08/06/19GEDCC Business Award Winners
07/18/19GEDCC -CANCELLED Need Business Capital? Free Seminar July 22
07/17/19GEDCC - Your Chamber Membership has lapsed
06/25/19copy of GEDCC Happy Hour This Afternoon - Join Us!
06/25/19GEDCC Happy Hour This Afternoon - Join Us!


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03/31/20calendar-new members
07/19/18GEDCC Future Board members
07/19/18GEDCC test fonts