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Heaven On Earth Therapeutic Massage $20 Gift Card
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After graduation back in 2003 I thought that a great place to start getting to work with people was with-in a Chiropractors office. Shortly after getting comfortable with being in a practice I went out on my own. July 2004 I established Heaven On Earth Therapeutic Massage. I have always been excited and happy to be able to reach out to people and show them that they can have relief from whatever is ailing. My practice has shown me that I can make a difference with the everyday aches/ pains but also the more enabling physical issues. 
Treatment times are by appointment and by time increments. (30 minutes -90 minutes)
I am located in Osage just off Main Street on North 5th Street.
I know how hard you work and earn to reward you with the highest quality in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Every client and their needs are my top priority. Customizing your treatment to best meet your needs for that session. Blending all that I have been trained in when necessary. I look forward to helping you. 
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