Jordan's Bucket List

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Clearwater, Florida trip with his entire family in coming weeks
(airfare & lodging has been covered) 
Assistance with Rental Car expenses while in Florida
Tickets to Universal Studios
Tickets to Magic Kingdom
Restaurant Gift Cards

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Jordan Rodriguez was born November 5, 2002. He loves playing outdoors, playing sports and most of all “being a boy.” At 12 years old, Jordan was diagnosed with lifelong Medulloblastoma in April of 2015.

Medulloblastoma is a malignant brain tumor. Jordan had several trips to Children’s Mercy for radiation therapy and chemotherapy. He began to feel as if Children’s Mercy was his “second home.” June of 2016, Jordan got the news that he was cancer free and in the 80% survival rate. Jordan still had to go to Children’s Mercy for routine scans every three months to make sure he continued to stay cancer free.

Jordan went to Children’s Mercy Tuesday, January 15, 2018 (15 years old) when he was told there is another tumor on his brain coated in cancer and that he would have to get a PET scan immediately. The PET scan showed 3 tumors on his spine, 1 on his tail bone, 2 on his chest and of course the one on his brain stem. Jordan’s parents were told that time would be limited with him and to spend as much time doing things Jordan wants to accomplish.

So, Jordan made his bucket list that includes: visit Clearwater Beach FL (with his entire family), Comic Con, Universal Studios for Hogwarts, visit Avatar at Disney, NBA basketball game Oklahoma, Cleveland or Golden State. Also, this may be a long shot... but he would love to meet Ariana Grande!!!!  

All funds donated will be used to fulfill Jordan's bucket list and supplement the family's income during this time allowing them to focus on their son, and not paying the bills.  Anything helps, and will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers..! Jordan is our superhero. 
“Jordan doesn’t fight alone!”