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Area at a glance
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    Elevation2400 feet average
    Area208 sq. miles
    Population Density76 per sq. mile
    Median Income$49,327
    Average Rainfall5.4 inches
    Average Temp SummerHigh 101 degrees
Low 71 degrees
    Average Temp WinterHigh 57 degrees
Low 34 degrees


Median age 55+
21% of population are children

Health Care

67 bed hospital with 200 doctors on staff
includes 24 hour emergency services.


No state income or inheritance tax
State/county sales tax 8.1%
Property tax $2.53 per $100 of
assessed value up to 35%


911 Emergency System
Police - 35 sworn officers
7 full time dispatchers/2 clerks
Firemen- 18 firemen/12 reserve firemen

Major Employers
    Bureau of Reclamation
    National Park Service
    City of Boulder City
    Clark County School District
    Fisher Space Pen

    # of housing units6779
    Occupied housing units6309

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Maps of Boulder CIty
  Map of Boulder City
  City of Boulder City Website
  Lake Mead Adventure Parkway Map (page 1)
  Lake Mead Adventure Parkway Map (page 2)
Relocating to the State of Nevada Information
  Nevada Commission On Tourism

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Boulder City Utility Information
Boulder City Education
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