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Better Business Bureau
7668 Kings Pointe Road
Toledo, OH 43617

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BBB is dedicated to ethical business practices. Our office covers 24 counties of Northwest and West Central Ohio to Southeast Michigan, and serves 1.5 million consumers and businesses from offices in Toledo and Lima, Ohio. BBB is famous for taking consumer complaints and giving more than one million reports on businesses to the public each year. But we do much more; BBB investigates false advertising, reviews local and national charities, mediates and arbitrates disputes, handles "lemon law" cases, monitors social media, does scores of TV, radio and newspaper alerts and warnings, and provides speakers to high school, college, consumer and senior groups. "In Pursuit of Ethics" program provides ethics instruction, frequently including continuing education credit, to insurance, accounting and other professional organizations. BBB conducts aggressive investigations of dishonest business conduct, sharing our information with state and federal law enforcement agencies. Businesses which meet our ethical Standards may be invited to become accredited, and these firms provide the financial support which allows us to offer our services to all of our communities at no charge. For over 100 years, BBB has insisted that businesses treat their customers ethically and market honestly.