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The PTSD Foundation of America
Dr. Ryan Rogers
9724 Derrington Rd
Houston, TX 77064
(832) 912-4429

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Member Since: 2022
Listed in: Counseling
From day 1 our mission has been to save thelives of Veterans losing their lives to suicide atan alarming rate of 22 a day. We found themon the streets of Houston, Texas, homelessand without hope. We began bringing combatVeterans together in what we call today,"Warrior Groups." A safe place where theycould share their stories, their memories andtheir pain. We set about building a network ofindividuals, organizations and churches toprovide a "Corps of Compassion" to help bringhealing to the military community.We run WarriorGroups in multiple states along with FamilyGroups to help the whole family recover. Wealso operate a 6-month whole personresidential program, located in Houston,Texas, at no cost to the Veteran or their family.