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Webinar: Shari Pash: Learn the Secrets of Successful Member Engagement and Recruitment through LinkedIn
2:00 PM

Learn the secrets of successful member engagement and recruitment that leverage the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn. Discover tips to utilize LinkedIn as a relevant member recruitment, development and engagement tool. We will uncover powerful tools to target disengaged members, and, find those members that will invest and sustain. Use LinkedIn as a strategy to stay front of mind with your members and business relationships, while increasing warm referrals, engagement with members, and prospecting success. In addition, use as a tool to stay abreast of trends that impact business and your industry members.  We will work hands on, live in LinkedIn during this webinar.

“Shari - Loving your LinkedIn session today at the MSAE Membership Engagement Conference --- you made the conference worthwhile…thank you!”  Carey Goryl, Executive Director, Association of Staff Physician Recruiters