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Steel Days 2022 Grand Parade Sponsored by Doug Smith Autoplex
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM MST

Event Description
Please join us for a FUN family event! The Steel Days Grand Parade brings the entire community out to celebrate American Fork! The Grand Parade is an extravaganza featuring local marching bands, floats, local government, law enforcement, businesses, and much more. The parade will be on July 9th and will start promptly at 9:30 am.

Please review the following rules and guidelines to help us have a safe, fun, and enjoyable time! Please note that all registrations are final and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

1. Read the American Fork Steel Days Entry Standards and Requirements.
2. Complete online application, description, waivers, and information form and submit payment no later than July 2, 2022.
  • $100 for members of the American Fork Chamber of Commerce
  • $130 for non-members
  • Non-profit organizations may enter for free. To receive a free registration code, please email us with your non-profit information
3. Entries (except nonprofit organizations, elementary/secondary schools, civic, church, American Fork City entities or guest of the Parade Committee) are required to pay a parade entry fee of $130, which is due upon registration (payment is required for acceptance.) If your organization is not selected to participate in the parade, the entry fee will be refunded. If a business is a member of the American Fork Chamber of Commerce, the entry fee is $100. If an organization becomes a sponsor of Steel Days and donates $750 or more to American Fork Steel Days, the entry fee will be waived (please email us for the code to waive the fee).
4. Upon receipt of the entry application and entry fee, the Steel Days Parade Committee will review the application. A limited number of entries will be allowed. Submission of the entry application should not be construed as acceptance into the parade until an approval email is accepted.
5. Final approval or rejection will be decided by the Steel Days Parade Committee.
6. Details regarding the parade line-up will be emailed out the week of July 4th.
7. The parade committee has the right to remove any entry the day of the parade if the entry does not represent the description that was previously described or does not meet the parade requirements.

1. All entries must be decorated, except antique vehicles. The exception must be given prior to the day of the parade. No unadorned trucks and/or trailers will be allowed in the parade.
2. Floats must be capable of maneuvering around sharp turns. Maximum float size requirements:
Width no more than 15’ and Length (include float & towing vehicle) no more than 55'.

1. All equestrian entries are responsible to bring their own “waste disposal group” (pooper scoopers).
2. Amplified sound will not be permitted with an entry unless specific prior written approval has been given by the Steel Days Parade Committee. Prior notification allows the committee to determine correct float placement.
3. No water is to be thrown/sprayed from parade floats/vehicles. If you would like to spray water, it must be done by people who are on foot.

1. Entry applications will not be accepted if the Steel Days Committee determines an entry to be unlawful, controversial, or otherwise considered to be inconsistent with the standards and purpose of the American Fork Steel Days Parade.
2. Any entry without a signed waiver for each participant on the float will not be allowed to participate. Waiver forms are due July 7th, 2022 and will be checked the morning of the parade. This is required by the state of Utah as well as American Fork City.
3. The Parade must continually move - there is no stopping on the parade route. Any entries who wish to include performances will need to be part of the pre-parade entertainment (i.e. – Cheer, Dance, and Karate Groups wishing to do demonstrations that would stop the parade or otherwise hold it up).
4. NO THROWING OF CANDY, TOYS, ETC. Items may be distributed by handing them out directly to recipients. If you would like to hand out candy, it must be done by people who are on foot and you must have at least 2 designated spotters to watch for and prevent children from getting too close to your float/vehicle. 
It is the responsibility of the entry organization to provide enough walking participants for distribution. It is the intent of our city and committee to maintain safety for the participates and the spectators. Throwing items could jeopardize their safety and therefore could incur a fine of up to $100 per incident.
5. All drivers of vehicles must be at least 21 years old and be able to provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license on the parade route, if necessary.
6. Miscellaneous vehicle entries will not be allowed into the parade unless specific prior written approval has been given by the Steel Days Parade Committee. A car club can submit one application listing each vehicle separately.
7. It is recommended that each float carry a fire extinguisher.
8. The safe operation and conduct of your entry and organization is your sole responsibility.
9. The Steel Days Parade Committee reserves the right to place parade entries in any order they deem necessary.
10. Due to the family nature of the event, inappropriate and offensive content is prohibited.
11. The parade committee reserves the right to remove a participate for any inappropriate behavior.
12. If anyone in your organization fails to leave when asked to do so by an official, your entry will be dismissed from the parade route.
13. Any entry turned in after the due date will not be accepted into the parade.
14. Any entry that comes to the parade and wants to participate the day of the parade without prior consent through the Steel Days Committee (entry form) will not be allowed to participate.
15. There will be a limited amount of entries in the parade this year; therefore, it is very important that your application is turned in on time.
16. Entries will be accepted on a first come basis with a limited number of commercial entries. 

I-15 Directions:
All entries with the exception of bands and floats:
All entries arriving from I-15 freeway should take the American Fork Main Street Exit 278 to the signal at Doug Smith Autoplex. A parade manager will greet you and direct you to your line-up position. The parade staging area will be on Main Street and adjoining side streets.

Band Entries:
All band buses need to take freeway 500 East American Fork Exit 276. Continue north on 500 East to 200 South turn left on 200 South proceed to parade checkpoint at 300 West. Bands will be staging at Lyons Park / 300 West. The parade’s band coordinator will be there to help bands line up.

Float Entries:
Please approach from Pacific Ave/100 North. Turn left onto State Street; proceed to the signal at the Doug Smith Auto Plex/Main Street turn left where you will be met by a parade volunteer and directed to your line up position.

END OF ROUTE EXIT: NO vehicles will be allowed on 4th North between 100 East and Center Street.
To pick up your parade participant, please meet them at the destination designated below.

From there, the directions are as follows:

Floats & Equestrian:
Will continue west on 400 North. Participants can be picked up at 400 North and 100 West.

Music, Cheers & Children’s Entries:
Turn north on Center Street. Participants can be picked up at the Pony League Ball Fields north of the Recreation Center. (Access from 100 W and turning east on 600 N)

Professional and all other entries:
Turn south on Center Street. Participants can be picked up at 325 North.
There will be parade staff and police officers to give directions and help entries off of the route.

1. Do not block traffic.
2. Watch for small children and others.
3. Pull in so that you do not have to back up, if possible.
4. Park away from the pick-up point and walk, if possible.
5. Please remain calm.