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Boulder City Time Passages Photo Book
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Time Passages is a retro nostalgic reflection, evoking the memories and days of yesteryear, that suddenly come up and grab you because they are still alive in Boulder City today. There isn't a town in Nevada that doesn't have festivals, shops, or restaurants. Henderson, Summerlin, Las Vegas, Reno, don't even compare to Boulder City, Nevada. When you walk through Historic Boulder City, the parks, by the ponds, along the trails, by the lake, attend any of the activities, it's the time passages that remind you of special moments in your life, memories of growing up in a simpler time, reflecting on those with you today, those you love, and those with you in the heart. If you stop and watch people visiting Boulder City on the weekends, during special events, or festivals, it is exactly what they are doing, it's time passages. You want to escape from the problems of today, to recreate those special moments of the past, make new memories with your friends, family, and loved ones whether on the lake, in town, at any of the festivities, or riding ATV's in the surrounding desert. Maybe I am too connected to the work to have a different view. It's simply how I view Boulder City, Nevada.