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Ad Title: Lakeview Chamber of Commerce seeks Executive Director
Location: Lakeview, Chicago, IL
Post Date: 06/05/19
Contact: Michael Valitchka, Transition Committee Chair
City: Chicago
State: IL
Email: ​Board@LakeviewChamber.com
Website: visit our website...
The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce seeks an experienced full-time Executive Director. The Executive Director supports a vibrant business district by providing vision, direction, and leadership to the Lakeview Chamber and its staff in implementing the strategic goals of the organization as well as its partners Special Service Area 27 (SSA 27) and Friends of Lakeview. This position is responsible for managing the overall operations of the organization, reporting to the Lakeview Chamber Board of Directors.

● Management & Administration
○ Manage team of three full-time and one part-time staff, plus seasonal event support
staff, to successfully carry out annual work plans
○ Support the administration of the Boards of the Chamber, SSA 27, and Friends of
Lakeview by advising and informing the Boards, and planning and coordinating Board
○ Maintain contracts with SSA 27 and Friends of Lakeview, and maintain legal and
regulatory compliance for all three entities
○ Develop annual work plans and budgets in collaboration with the Boards of the
Lakeview Chamber, Friends of Lakeview, and SSA 27 Commission
○ Communicate the organization’s work to members and stakeholders
○ Maintain the strategic plan, business plans and office policies and procedures
○ Ensure the organization has sufficient revenue and resources to carry out its mission
○ Cultivate relationships with key community and City stakeholders and policy makers to
advance the Chamber’s goals
● Lead the organization’s work, which is focused on the following program areas:
○ Neighborhood Promotion: We market our neighborhood as a desirable destination for consumers and investors, host memorable community events that connect consumers to our retail districts, and also assist individual businesses with promoting themselves.
○ Business Development: We provide regular networking and education events as well as one-on-one technical assistance in order to strengthen our businesses, while also recruiting new businesses to our community.
○ Advocacy: We serve as the voice of local businesses and protect our neighborhood's commercial interests by representing small business needs on important policy and development issues that impact our area.
○ Public Space Enhancements: We maintain clean, green and welcoming sidewalks, and develop new spaces that invite people to linger and connect with their community.

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Ad Title: Neighborhood Services Director - Lincoln Square SSA #21
Location: Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL
Post Date: 05/09/19
Website: visit our website...
About Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (LSRCC): Founded in 1948, the LSRCC is a not-for-profit organization that educates, markets, and generally supports its members so as to foster health and longevity of our small business community.

Job Description: The Neighborhood Services Director (“Director”) leads small business development and business district projects for the LSRCC. The Director manages the organization’s Special Service Area (SSA) taxing district, known as the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program, and the LSRCC’s Neighborhood Business Development Center Program (NBDC). Both programs exist to attract and retain local small businesses, with the former centered on the provision of public amenities (bicycle racks, public art, landscaping, etc.) and enhancement of public right-of ways and the latter centered on behind-the-scenes business consultation.

The Director shall also interface with City and other government departments to advocate on behalf of the local business community. The Director shall support small business initiatives administered by the City of Chicago and suggest new initiatives, as necessary.

The Neighborhood Services Director works as a member of the Chamber of Commerce staff and assists in all of the organization’s efforts, including special events. The Neighborhood Services Director reports directly to the LSRCC’s Executive Director.

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Ad Title: Six Corners Association seeks a full-time Executive Director
Location: Six Corners Association, 4041 N.Milwaukee Ave. #30
Post Date: 06/05/19
City: Chicago
State: IL
Email: hello@sixcorners.com​
Website: visit our website...
Six Corners Association seeks a full-time Executive Director to provide vision, direction, and leadership in implementing the strategic goals and day-to-day operations of the Six Corners Association.

The Six Corners neighborhood, at the intersection at Milwaukee Avenue, Cicero Avenue, and Irving Park Road, is an iconic retail destination and an economic driver of Chicago’s Northwest Side. In recent years, Six Corners has become known as a creative hub for innovative entrepreneurs and vibrant arts organizations. Six Corners Association’s small-and-mighty, hands-on team fosters the development of a thriving commercial district by mentoring and connecting community-minded businesses, attracting customers, and engaging in intentional planning for the district’s future.

Salaried, full-time, exempt position with occasional evening and weekend
Start Date: Immediate
Reports to: Six Corners Association Board of Directors

Essential functions:

Directs and manages the overall operations and staff in accordance with the policies and goals established by the Board of Directors; responsible for managing the objectives of the Association’s strategic plan, developing programming, organizational and financial plans, and ensuring effective execution of the annual work plan for the continual growth of the Six Corners commercial district.

Duties & Responsibilities

Leadership & Management:
● Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communications, and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals; and regular reporting on finances and programs
● Actively engage and energize board members, event committees, volunteers, partnering organizations, and Six Corners community members.
● Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors; seek and build board involvement with strategic direction
● Oversee operations and management of SSA #28. Maintain an understanding of SSA funding and procedures and assist Commission and staff in staying abreast of City policies and regulations. Work with SSA Program Manager to maintain and track SSA budget and coordinate collaborative funding of initiatives between the SSA and the Association
● Develop annual budgets for the Association and SSA, in conjunction with the Executive Board
● Identify, nurture and grow new sources of revenue
● Attend conferences, seminars and agency meetings as required

Economic development
● Implement master plan, development guidelines, business recruitment priorities, and overall strategic direction for the Six Corners commercial district. Foster district-wide participation and buy-in to plan development
● Engage in community development planning efforts for Six Corners Commercial District, the Portage Park community, and the NW side of Chicago
● Provide support to committees in implementing the Six Corners Master Plan, long-range strategy, and near-term action plans to achieve its mission with consistent and timely progress
● Attract new businesses and developers to commercial district
● Advocate for local business-friendly policy including property taxes, fair and clear business fees and licenses, incidental business taxes, zoning, subsidies
● Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field

● Direct staff and committees in determining and executing the design and implementation of initiatives that enhance the community and encourage trade and tourism within the boundaries of the Association’s designated service area
● Coordinate special events designed to support the Association’s work plan projects, membership, and financial goals
● Identify new, innovative programs that advance the Association’s mission

● Implement robust membership retention and attraction programs and ensure that Six
Corners Association offerings are aligned with and responsive to the needs of the membership
● Maintain regular and robust communication with existing and new businesses to sustain
and grow membership, understand member business concerns, encourage active participation in Association programs and committees
● Maintain accurate and updated membership records

● Be the external face of the Six Corners Association and SSA #28, including media appearances and public speaking
● Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups, organizations, and elected officials.
● Publicize in a timely manner the activities of the Association, its programs and goals, and champion the visibility of the Association with the public
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