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Central Catskills Collaborative Planning Documents

Numerous plans and studies have been produced for the Central Catskills Region and the Route 28 Corridor.  Many of the documents have similar findings and emphasize the importance of partnerships to accomplish the recommendations.

  •  Route 28:  Scenic Road Study.
  • Tourism Development Plan for the Central Catskills.
  • Land Use Dynamics in a Catskill Corridor.
  • Catskill Gateway Conservation Study:  A Design Strategy for Land Protection.
  • Catskills Access:  A Study of Accessibility to State Forest Preserve Lands and to Recreational and Water Resources along Route 28.
  • Catskill Gateway Development Program.
  • Ulster and Delaware Railroad Corridor Trail Feasibility Study.
  • Catskill Forest Preserve Public Access Plan.
  • Catskill Park State Land Master Plan.

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