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WHEREAS: New York State Route 28 is the major thoroughfare of the Central Catskill Mountains offering the traveler a unique experience of mountain scenery and clear waterways, complemented by historic hamlets -- and it is this combination of resources that gives the region much of its scenic and community character and is vital to the region’s economy;

WHEREAS: Route 28 passes through the heart of Catskill Park, a resource created by an act of the State Legislature in 1904 and now encompassing approximately 700,000 acres, about half of which are lands of the Forest Preserve and held in the public trust;

WHEREAS: Much of the land in the Central Catskills lies in the New York City Watershed and provides unfiltered drinking water to some 9 million New Yorkers and the historic Memorandum of Agreement has enabled a series of partnership programs to further the mutual goals of watershed protection and environmentally sensitive economic development;

WHEREAS: The State of New York recognizes the importance of local governments and has committed to providing $500,000 for a Central Catskill Mountains Smart Growth Program to support improvement projects that retain the vibrancy of the hamlets, villages, and town centers along the Route 28 Corridor, specifically in the Towns of Andes, Middletown, Olive, and Shandaken, and the Villages of Fleischmanns and Margaretville;

WHEREAS: These six Central Catskills municipalities share many of the region’s unique resources and can mutually benefit by exploring cooperative approaches, engaging in intermunicipal discussions and identifying collective strategies and actions that support and enhance such shared resources;

WHEREAS: Numerous studies, reports, and conferences have focused on the Central Catskills and encouraged and promoted intermunicipal and regional planning, marketing, and development; and further, these efforts have put forth numerous recommendations, which have not been fully realized;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: In the spirit of cooperation, we the undersigned commit to working within the Central Catskills Collaborative (or other mutually determined name) through a bottom-up process that builds on local goals and objectives and engages in a regional dialogue focused on protecting and promoting the scenic, cultural, historic, and economic well being of the Route 28 Corridor and the Central Catskills;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The signatories understand the Collaborative may conduct such activities, including but not limited to, identifying and pursuing specific actions to provide better access to natural and cultural resources; exploring design guidelines, signage coordination and incentives to preserve scenic character; utilizing joint marketing approaches and funding mechanisms to support qualified economic development; and incorporating advisory members, including individuals with related interests and/or individuals from groups such as chambers of commerce, public agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and other local governments;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The signatories understand that passage of this resolution does not bind the undersigned municipalities in any way other than the above stated commitment;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The (Town/ Village of ______________) will designate two members (one regular and one alternate) to serve on the Collaborative and the names of these designees will be made within one month of the passage of this resolution;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Upon the formation of a Central Catskills Collaborative the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development will, on a regular basis, convene the group and facilitate the regional dialogue and next steps, as identified by the Collaborative.

IN WITNESS HEREOF: I (official representative of respective municipality) certify that the above resolution was duly passed by the (village/ town board of the respective municipality) on this of [day/ month/year].

(This resolution has been adopted by the elected bodies of the Towns of Olive, Shandaken, Middletown, and Andes, and the Villages of Fleischmanns and Margaretville.) (The Town of Hurley did not fall under the State’s Central Catskills Smart Growth Program and joined the CCC by passing a similar resolution).