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Member Database

The core of the Chamber Organizer, the member database allows you to keep track of members, produce reports, and more.

  • Member Database - a full-featured member database system. Track member data, membership plans, categories, notes, and custom organization-specific fields.
  • Chamber Member Directory - a powerful search appliance that not only works as a sophisticated member directory, but also includes full text search that extends into your members' online presence. Also provides you with daily statistics on member business views and more. Our Traffic Catcher Site technology allows members to enhance their directory presence with their own webiste, included with their chamber membership.
  • Email Bounce Management - a broadcast messaging system is included with the chamber member database. In addition, as messages are bounced (invalid emails), they are recorded in the system so you can easily make sure your list is up-to-date.
  • Member Billing System - a package to manage dues payments. Produce invoices for dues, track payments, send email renewal notifications and past due notifications, and more. Send automated notifications to members when they are due for renewal. Produce reports on member payments.
  • Online Dues Payment / Donations - allow your members to pay their dues online. You can also accept donations online as well! Includes interfaces for PayPal™, Authorize.Net™, Linkpoint™ and other payment gateways.
  • Custom Reporting - Set up an unlimited number of custom reports to print formatted member lists, address lists, mailing labels, and more...
  • Projects/Committees - allow members to sign up for projects, classes, committees, and events. Easily update pages detailing your various projects/committees.