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Social Networking Multipost

Post Information to Multiple Social Networks 

MultiPost is a part of chamberorganizer that allows you to simultaneously post to multiple networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the internal social network (a native feature of chamberorganizer- a private social network for your members).

  • Facebook Pages / Facebook Groups - posting is available within facebook groups and pages
  • Module-integrated -  multipost is available from various modules of the system such as the calendar, news, broadcast messaging, and more.  From these modules, you are presented with a pre-formatted message based on the module where you clicked the Multipost link (example, if in the calendar, it would pre-populate with that event's info, so you can post about your event).
  • Scheduled Posts  - In addition, there is an optional date and time field available, which allows you to schedule when the Multipost is made (so you can schedule tweets and status updates for later on a given date and time).
  • Available to members - if you choose, you may offer this feature to your general members, so that they may schedule posts on your behalf within their own social networks, facebook groups, etc.

Internal Social Network

ChamberOrganizer includes it's own Internal Social Network, that is a social network feature designed for members only use.  The internal social network was designed for business organizations in order to facilitate passing referrals (such as chambers of commerce), but this feature can be leveraged for other associations where frequent, free-flowing posting of news items may be ideal.

Connecting Multipost to Facebook

If you are a client, log-in here - https://www.chamberorganizer.com/members/mlogin.php?org_id=ECTW
Then navigate to Multipost, click on My Accounts, then click on Connect to a new Facebook account.