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The ChamberAPP is designed to help communities go online. The mobile application makes it easier then ever for members to see the value in supporting the Chamber initiatives.  If the community the Chamber of Commerce serves is not properly setup online, every business is at a major competitive disadvantage.



With this app the general public is able to find the local Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses through Apple's iTunes, and Google's Android marketplaces. Once the app is established it can be added the their mobile device at no charge. The application is designed to be a direct extension to the Chamber Nation system and network. This app provides access to the most important information on the community for visitors and residents. It is now available through mobile devices.


  • Area, event and Chamber of Commerce photo galleries.
  • Member Directory with instant add to cell phone's address book, instant forward, calling and mapping.
  • Community event calendar with email reminder.
  • Chamber / Community information pages.
  • Special Offers including coupons and Chamber Daily Deals.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Chamber Social Network connections.
  • Contact information with auto dial from mobile devices.
  • Chamber Search Engine integrated into Calendar and Directory modules.
  • View Classified Ads or Job Board Postings for Community.
  • There's even more.


ChamberAPP is an app that was developed to help members learn to utilize their Chamber of Commerce membership to more effectively build their business. Between this mobile application and the member's existing Premium Membership Plan service, members will begin to understand the power of their Chamber of Commerce membership.

This app is a timely solution for community communications, commerce and growth.


  • Membership Card may be Displayed from the App to participating businesses, offering special member discounts.
  • Members may view / edit their chamber profile.
  • Members may view / edit their TCS page through their mobile device.
  • Members may create / edit their coupons with the phone camera imaging option.
  • Members have a Chamber Daily Deal coupon system option if they so choose.
  • Members may use phone to post coupons to FaceBook and the Chamber Social Network.
  • Members may participate in community forums (submit questions and get answers).
  • Members may elect to be notified when questions are posted to the forum.
  • Members can submit a topic to the Chamber Social Network, trade ideas and more.
  • Members can submit Press Releases.
  • Members can identify the businesses they do business within the community. 
  • Members can view and post classified ads or job postings from mobile device.
  • Additional features will continue to be added to this app.


Our Chamber Nation and Membership Management Systems are designed to promote small to large communities via our online Chamber Broadcasting System©. These systems gather content through our unique process so that communities we serve truly work online. We've now expanded the system to power mobile apps for both Apple iPhone® and Google Android® mobile devices. 

This core platform may now be used by unique communities to publish their own member centric mobile applications.
Designed for Staff Management in the Field

We have developed our mobile publishing system around communities of people. The mobile applications created from our core technologies are designed to be interactive and extend membership management onto mobile devices.